Travel to New York – Travel Guides & Tips for your trip to NYC

A  city trip to New York can be many things, but certainly not boring! The vibrant metropolis on the east coast of the USA inspires with many sights and great districts such as Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Explore all the districts again, which couldn’t be more different. Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Harlem are all worth a trip on their own. But beyond that, the Big Apple has so much to offer you.

5 reasons to travel to New York

1. Conquer the 5 Boroughs

2. The city that never sleeps

New York is made up of five major boroughs. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island are just as colorful and different as the residents of the US metropolis. More than 8 million people live in New York City. In addition, there are around 50 million visitors every year. It does n’t matter if you’re taking a single trip to New York, or vacationing as a couple or family. There is something for everyone to discover in the five districts.

You can’t explore every interesting corner of the five boroughs during two weeks in New York, but you should at least visit each district at least once. Each borough is almost its own small town and offers a very special character, attractions and special features.

The design possibilities of a bulging day in New York couldn’t be more different. You can start, for example, in one of the approximately 18,000 restaurants in the city area. From inconspicuous, but grandiose, diners for breakfast to gourmet restaurants for dinner, to the dive bar with snacks at night, the metropolis on the east coast offers you everything. Life pulsates non-stop in Times Square. Be mesmerized by the lights, or head on to Broadway to see one of the countless plays and musicals. Of course, there are also plenty of clubs with the hottest DJs and are ideal for a party holiday in New York. Around 11:30 p.m., the mood really starts to boil. Chelsea’s, the Lower East Side and the Meatpacking District are the hotspots for the best parties.

3. New Year’s Eve in New York

New Year’s Eve in New York is something very special. is world famous The Ball Drop in Times Square, where hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch the fireworks every year. The fireworks that the city traditionally offers at the turn of the year are probably the most spectacular in the whole world. The best options are a Hudson River cruise, Central Park, or a rooftop party.

4. Food Trends in NYC

New York is not only a popular destination for everyone who likes lots of sightseeing, art, culture and shopping – no, the city that never sleeps also awaits you with lots of great restaurants for gourmet lovers. Discover the latest food trends from New York and plan your next city trip to New York according to your stomach. It will be colourful, it will be sweet and it will definitely be delicious! Let yourself be carried away into a world full of brightly colored bagels, delicious Scandinavian cuisine and crazy waffles as well as a very special kind of ice cream. You can find all the food trends for the city that never sleeps below.

5. Shopping in New York

A trip to New York is not complete without a detour to 5th Avenue. The world-famous street runs from north to south through Manhattan. The main shopping artery is found between 14th and 59th Streets. Here you can find them all. The really big and luxurious brands, but also a few shops that have slightly more affordable prices. But window shopping is also a lot of fun here. Stroll through Manhattan on 5th Avenue and let the unique atmosphere sink in. simply

Arrival to New York

Of course, the best way to get to New York is by plane. But you can also try something different. How about a cruise to the Big Apple? As always, in New York everything is possible! In general, there are 2 major airports that you can fly to. J ohn F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) is the busiest commercial airport in the New York area. But LaGuardia Airport (LGA) also offers plenty of flights.

John F. Kennedy Airport has the identifier JFK. Here you can fly particularly well from Frankfurt. The cheapest flights to LaGuardia Airport (LGA) are mainly from Dusseldorf.

In any case, note that you need your ESTA or a valid visa when entering the country. Otherwise you won’t get in.

Travel tips for your stay in New York

Lodging and hotels in New York

Real estate prices in New York City are very high, so accommodation prices are also quite high. However, if you choose the right travel time and book in good time, you definitely have the chance to make a bargain.

We personally prefer private accommodation via Airbnb in New York. Here you can get super cheap rooms or apartments compared to the hotels.

The cheapest months in terms of room rates are January, February, July and August. Booking online is usually the cheapest option. However, there are a few little things you should know. The prices are usually room prices. Whether you live in the room alone or share it with someone else usually makes no difference in price.

What you shouldn’t forget

  • Power Adapter: Type B sockets. Bring your adapter with you.
  • Sim card: If you are staying a little longer it is a good idea to get a sim card.

You won’t get very far in New York with euros. But you have different possibilities to be prepared. You can simply change some money at home before you leave to have something on your husband/wife. Do you have a without any fees credit card that you can use to withdraw money in the USA ? Perfect! At all airports you will always find an exchange office where you can get dollars.

Overview: New York City

  1. Language: English
  2. Currency: US Dollar ($)
  3. Transport: U-Bahn, Bahn, Bus, Taxi
  4. Socket: Type-B
  5. Tip: 10-20%

How to get to the city from John F. Kennedy, Newark or LaGuardia Airport?

1. Taxi

You can easily get to Manhattan by taxi from all New York airports. The price of the JFK is at the fixed price of 52-60 dollars. There is also an $8 toll and a $4.50 rush hour surcharge from 4pm to 8pm. The LaGuardia does not have a fixed price. Depending on traffic, you can expect to pay between $20 and $40 plus tolls. Please also think about the tip that you should add. It usually costs a bit more from Newark as the airport is outside of New York in New Jersey.

2. Subway

Of course you can also take the subway to the city center. The whole thing is more time-consuming than taking a taxi, but it is also cheaper. For $8, you can travel from JFK to the Jamaica AirTrain station, and then take the subway toward Manhattan. From LaGuardia you first have to take a bus to the subway station. From the Roosevelt Avenue station you can then transfer to the E, M, F, R and 7 trains. From Newark Airport, take the train to Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station) from the train station right outside the terminal. This takes you to the city in about 20 minutes.

How long should a city trip to New York be?

Okay, we all want to go to NYC, we agree… but for how long? Opinions differ widely on that. Some find a short trip of four days is enough to get a good overview. Others find two weeks too short. Whatever you decide, let this be said: get out of your head about wanting to see everything, because you won’t be able to do it… not even in two weeks.

We therefore recommend that you at least five days in New York spend. However, the following applies here: the longer the better. New York is incredibly big and just in a district like Brooklyn or Manhattan you could easily endure five days. Nevertheless, you should be able to see the most important sights in quick succession in five days.

When is the best time of year for a city trip to New York?

There really is no “right” or “wrong” season for a city trip to New York. By instinct, many people assume that New York is a lot further north than it actually is. The Big Apple is on the same latitude as Naples. This does not mean, however, that the climate here is mild all year round. In summer, the maximum temperature in New York is around 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, the heat in New York, like in almost all major cities, can be very oppressive and muggy. In winter, however, the temperatures drop drastically. Almost every year there is snow chaos in New York and the icy wind whistles through the streets in a checkerboard pattern.

in all seasons But the city really has its very own and charming character. It just depends on what’s right for you. However, it shines with particular beauty in spring and autumn, when the botanical gardens are in full bloom or Central Park awaits you with a colorful canopy of leaves.

Packing list for a city trip to New York

  • Leave room in your suitcase for the shopping loot!
  • Comfortable shoes! (there is a lot of walking in Manhattan)
  • Charging cable for the smartphone
  • socket adapter
  • A good book
  • sunglasses (regardless of the season)
  • Credit card
  • Rucksack
  • Driving license (if you want to drive a car yourself)

Getting around New York: How to get around the city

1. Taxi

The excellently developed infrastructure in New York makes getting around at any time of the day or night child’s play. The world-famous Yellow Cabs can be found everywhere. And even if you don’t see an available taxi, you can also explore New York on foot.

2. Subway

The New York subway is not only one of the oldest, but also the largest subway network in the world. There is hardly an area in the five districts where you are not in the immediate vicinity of a subway station. With the MetroCard, which you can get from any machine, you can easily and conveniently buy single tickets or flat rates.

3. bike

Do you want to see as much of New York as possible and not waste time on the subway? What is better for this than renting a bike ? You are in the fresh air and can soak up all the impressions of the Big Apple along the way. But renting a bike can also be annoying, because you have to bring it back before the shop closes. It’s good that there’s a Citi Bike in New York for that!

4. On foot

New York is big, but the good thing is you can’t get lost! The street system is very simple, because the streets and avenues are mostly numbered and the streets almost all run parallel. So you can just let yourself drift a few blocks in the direction of downtown or the Westside and you will always arrive at the right destination!

Sightseeing & Landmarks in New York City

New York City is probably one of the most popular metropolises in the world. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world flock to the Big Apple. Whether Times Square, Broadway Shows, Gospel, RockefellerCenter, EmpireStateBuilding, Statue of Liberty or simply shopping on 5th Avenue. This melting pot of cultures shows the most different faces to the tourist in the different parts of the city. From an incredible variety of business opportunities to a diverse industrial culture, New York is a city that couldn’t be more vibrant. NEW YORK IS THE PLACE TO BE!

The Highlights in New York

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty or “Lady Liberty” is one of the most famous landmarks in New York and one of the most famous statues in the world. The unofficial gateway to New York is a symbol of political freedom and democracy. The 46 meter high statue (excluding the base) attracts around 4 million visitors a year. There is a small museum in the base and visitors are allowed inside the statue. After prior registration you can go up to the Krone. Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed up to the torch today. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States. It was designed by the Frenchman Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. He used Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, and his mother as a model. No joke – Bartholdi allegedly modeled the face of “Lady Liberty” after his

Manhattan is by far the most densely populated neighborhood in New York. Nestled between the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers, Manhattan is the city’s commercial, financial and cultural epicenter. Some say Manhattan is the heart of the Big Apple. Among other things, you will find the Empire State Building, Times Square, which is also brightly lit at night, and the best theaters and musicals on Broadway.

Over 1.6 million people live in Manhattan. That’s about as many inhabitants as in Munich, on just 20% of the area. If you add in all the daily commuters and tourists, there are about 4 million people walking around Manhattan on a typical weekday.

3. Times Square

Times Square is the biggest tourist magnet in New York. Dozens of neon signs and billboards are enthroned on all sides and illuminate the “Crossroads of the World” even at night. The famous intersection is literally buzzing with life. Buskers, disguised characters and tourists with selfie sticks are the order of the day here. Times Square is also the focal point on New Year’s Eve. on the “One Times Square” building and rings in the new year. Every year the giant ball descends

4. Broadway

Broadway is THE theater district. In the heart of Manhattan, Broadway is the beating heart of New York’s theater and musical scene. In and of itself, no visit to New York is complete without seeing one of the myriad pieces here. If you have even the slightest interest in this scene, you will definitely find a piece that suits your taste. Theaters, both historic and new, feature everything from classics and decades-long shows to daring plays and touching dramas.

5. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is not only one of the most famous skyscrapers, but also one of the most iconic buildings in the world. You can take the elevator up to the viewing platforms of the 443 meter high skyscraper. The two platforms on floors 86 and 102 are open from 8am to 2am and offer truly incredible views. On a clear day you can see New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and even Massachusetts from the Empire State Building. You can buy tickets for the viewing platform either online or on site at one of the sales stands, which are available in nine languages.

Free Sights in New York

1. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of the main attractions on a city trip to New York. The bridge can be walked on 24 hours a day, but of course you will experience the greatest magic at sunrise or sunset. Towards the evening, however, it can get quite fresh quickly due to the wind. So be sure to bring something to wear with you. A wide variety of tours are offered on the bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan. So there is no lack of choice. Do one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world. n’t miss

2. Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry takes you to… you guessed it – Staten Island! Officially one of New York’s Burroughs, it’s a lot quieter here and well worth a visit on a quiet afternoon. The highlight is actually the ferry itself, because it conveniently takes you right past the Statue of Liberty. So you don’t have to buy a more expensive ticket for Liberty Island. The ferry departs several times an hour from the pier on the southernmost tip of Manhattan.


3. Public Library

The New York Public Library is arguably the most famous library in the world. Among other things, the building served as a backdrop for films such as “Spiderman” or “Sex & the City”. The two lion statues at the entrance welcome you to a small haven of peace in the middle of the hectic city. Run through the long corridors with the high ceilings and charge the batteries a little before heading back out into the urban jungle.

4. Central Park

Central Park is the green lung of New York. Every year it attracts around 25 million visitors to the city’s most popular local recreation area. Central Park is popular with both locals and tourists. For some there is just so much to discover in the park, for others it is a retreat from everyday city life.

5. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is not only the largest train station in the world, but also the most visited building in New York City. Right, before the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to stop by Grand Central Station and check out the ceiling mural (which is a mirror image), the food market, or the tennis court on the fourth floor (no joke).

6. Highline Park

The Highline is a disused rail line that runs through New York’s West Side along the Hudson River. It starts in Hells Kitchen and runs all the way down to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. Freight trains no longer run here, instead the route was planted and equipped with viewpoints, so that you can stroll along the approximately 2-kilometer elevated route and enjoy an amazing view over Manhattan and the Hudson. And all for free! Tip: It is best to visit in the evening and enjoy the sunset in the west from here.

What to do in New York?

The best bars in New York

1. 169 Bar – Chinatown: There’s Dive Bars, and then there’s Charles Hanson’s 169 Jazz Oyster Bar (that’s the official name). In this over 100 year old bar you get an authentic NY experience in addition to good cocktails, beer and food.

2. 7B – East Village: Also known as the “Horseshoe Bar”. The U-shaped bar (hence the nickname) has enough space for 31 different beers on tap. The Horseshoe Bar is one of the last true punk rock bars in the East Village.

3. ABC Beer Co. – Alphabet City : This beer bar/boutique is perfect for any beer lover. The bar has a constantly changing selection of 12 beers on tap. There is also a huge selection of unique bottled and canned beers.

4. Amor y Amargo – East Village: A tiny bar with offbeat but incredibly tasty (and strong) cocktails.

5. Angel’s Share – East Village: Hidden behind a nondescript door at the back of an Asian restaurant in the East Village is one of the city’s best cocktail lounges. The Japanese bar may be small, but it’s incredibly warm and cosy.

The best clubs in New York

1. 1 Oak – Chelsea : 1 Oak is one of the most exclusive and hip clubs in New York City. If you make it past the bouncers, a stylish and chic interior awaits. The drink prices are quite expensive, but you party with models, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

2. Marquee – Chelsea: When the marquee closed in 2012, it came as a bit of a shock to New York’s party scene. While some have said the club was past its prime by the time it closed, it was decided to invest a total of $3.5 million in a total renovation.

3. Lavo Nightclub – Midtown : Midtown’s Lavo is both a restaurant and a nightclub. The food is served in the in-house Italian restaurant on the upper floor and then we head downstairs to celebrate. The club has one of the best sound and lighting systems in town.

4. Cielo – Meatpacking District : Cielo has been growing in popularity for more than 12 years and is now considered one of the best clubs for electro music fans. According to the taste of the audience, the main focus is on the sound, the DJs and the dance floor.

5. Output – Brooklyn: If you’re into the underground music scene, then Output in Brooklyn is the place to be. Compared to the competition in Manhattan, the vibe here is almost cozy. There is no dress code and the drink prices are not overpriced either.

The best museums in New York

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art: This New York institution has been open since the 1880s. A total of 5000 years of art are shown here. From prehistoric to contemporary art, everything is under one roof.

2. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) : MoMA is more than just a museum. If a modern work of art is important, sooner or later it will also be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art.

3. American Museum of Natural History : Here you get shown nothing less than the complete history of the creation of the world. From the big bang to prehistoric artefacts to the modern age.

4. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum : The biggest highlight of the Guggenheim Museum is probably the building itself. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture is simply impressive.

5. National September 11 Memorial and Museum : The memorial and memorial museum for the victims of the 9/11 attack – right on the site of the World Trade Center. Warning, this is where things get really emotional.

The most beautiful parks in New York

1. Central Park : Sure, Central Park is the most famous park in New York. In itself it is almost unimaginable how such a huge, beautiful park can still exist in a concrete landscape like New York.

2. Prospect Park: Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also designed Central Park, created one of the most beautiful parks in Brooklyn. The park is also very child-friendly with a zoo and other activities for the little ones.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park : Brooklyn Bridge Park is a park that stretches along the banks of the East River. It’s best to come before dusk, secure a cozy spot and wait for the lights of Manhattan.

4. Washington Square Park : Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park is the perfect place to settle down on a park bench and just follow the hustle and bustle.

5. The High Line: In the west of Manhattan you will find a real one-of-a-kind. Here, a disused elevated railway line has been converted into a park! Relax in the middle of the street canyons on a green route? Simply great!

Which neighborhoods do you have to visit in New York?

  • Manhattan – The smallest but also the most densely populated borough of New York. Manhattan is the city’s flagship. You can find all the major sights here.
  • Brooklyn – Brooklyn is known for its cultural, social, and ethnic diversity. In the city’s most populous neighborhood, you’ll find a thriving art scene and unique neighborhoods.
  • Queens – The largest of the five boroughs by area, Queens is not only home to one of the most successful sitcoms of the turn of the millennium, but also the most ethnically diverse borough in the entire United States.
  • Bronx – The Bronx is the northernmost borough of New York. Hardly any other part of the world has such an attraction. Here you will find, among other things, the stadium of the New York Yankees and the largest connected building complex in the United States.
  • Staten Island – Staten Island is the only part of town that can be described as “suburb”. The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge takes you to Brooklyn and the Staten Island Ferry takes you to Manhattan.

Excursions from New York: Explore the area outside of the city

New York is one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the world. But every now and then, a little break from the hustle and bustle of the big city is good. Even in such moments, New York does not disappoint you. It doesn’t take long by car to get out of the city and into nature. Nothing stands in the way of a trip to the mountains, to the beach or other interesting cities or towns.

1. Bear Mountain State Park

Just an hour north of the city New York at Bear Mountain State Park, experience the wild side of. From ice skating rinks and picnic spots, to museums and a zoo, you will find everything you need for an exciting trip into nature here. Discover the beauty of the area on a nice family outing.

2. Brotherhood Winery

Get out of the city and visit America’s oldest winery. Enjoy the world-renowned Brotherhood Winery in the main building’s salon, designed in the style of 18th-century European buildings. Or take part in a guided tour with wine tasting. Come for the tour, stay for the wine.

3. Cold Spring, NY

Cold Spring is a classic American small town. You will find many shops and restaurants downtown. You can reach the town by car or train in a short time from Manhattan. The highlight in Cold Spring is definitely the Hudson Fjord. One of the few fjords in the United States.

4. The Hamptons

The Hamptons are luxury. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a trip here. Enjoy views of the Atlantic from Montauk Point and New York State’s oldest lighthouse. Stroll through the park, visit a museum or simply go out for a fancy meal.

5. Sleepy Hollow, NY

For anyone who has read Washington Irving’s classic short story, a trip to Sleepy Hollow is a must-do. Autumn is of course the most obvious time to visit, but there is also something to do all year round. And more than just the Headless Horseman. A beautiful shore is ideal for walking, boating or camping.

New Year’s Eve in New York: Deals for your New Year’s Eve

Don’t feel like spending the New Year on the couch with the family, fondue and booze? Then off to New York City! The Big Apple is always absolutely worth the trip or short trip, but just in time for New Year’s Eve in New York, the party potential of the metropolis reaches a whole new level.

Curious? Put on the party hats and get ready, we’ve got everything you need to know for your New Year’s Eve trip to New York City. Here you will find our current offers and deals for New Year’s Eve in New York – grab it!

Accommodation for your New Year’s Eve in New York

New Year’s Eve in Manhattan

Who wouldn’t want to start the day with a view of the skyline and spend the night in the middle of Manhattan? The luxury hotels are lined up here – and sometimes cost a proud sum. Even if you are willing to pay excessive surcharges, you can get nothing on New Year’s Eve, because: everyone wants to go to New York and the hotels only have limited capacity. Not starting the search too late is not only a virtue here, but an absolute necessity. On the other hand, on New Year’s Eve in Manhattan you have the best chance of being a guest at one of the coveted rooftop or New Year’s Eve parties.

Silvester in Brooklyn

It doesn’t always have to be Manhattan. Brooklyn is also a trendy and absolutely popular part of the metropolis. It’s not just the hipsters who have discovered the borough for themselves, it’s also becoming increasingly popular with tourists. You can experience the “real” New York here over New Year’s Eve, you can be downtown quickly with the subway and you can also save on hotel bookings. If you’re in Brooklyn over New Year’s Eve, you’ll also have the opportunity to toast the famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects the borough to southern Manhattan, at midnight sharp. And if you don’t feel like it, just join a New Year’s Eve party at one of the hip bars that abound here, or wander over to Prospect Park, one of the few places in town that boasts a New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Silvester in Queens

Also worth considering are hotels in Queens, which borders Brooklyn to the east and is likely familiar to most from the TV series King of Queens. With direct access to Manhattan via the Queensboro Bridge, it is just a few blocks from Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, Trump Tower and other attractions. So you can easily head out to the New Year’s Eve parties around Times Square and still stay in a quieter residential area. Perfect if you’re less into the hustle and bustle and more into a good night’s sleep, especially on New Year’s Eve in New York. In terms of price, you are also in more moderate areas here, with a range of high-quality accommodation to choose from.

AirBnBs in NYC for New Year’s Eve

It doesn’t always have to be the classic hotel stay: Many New Yorkers offer their guest rooms and entire apartments for rent on Airbnb over New Year’s Eve. These range from the casual basic offer to the chic loft and often only cost a fraction of what is required for a hotel room. As a kind of free bonus, you also have the opportunity to feel like a real New Yorker for a short time and celebrate the turn of the year in New York just like that. You also have the chance to get real insider tips from your host and the hotspots for the best New Year’s Eve locations on December 31st. to experience.

Where can you publicly celebrate the turn of the year in New York?

In the multi-million city everyone will find their perfect spot for the party of the year. Whether it’s Times Square glowing at night or fireworks over the Brooklyn sky, the city is in a state of emergency at the turn of the year.

Silvester am Times Square

Who does not know the pictures of the Tagesschau, of Taff and Co., when hundreds of thousands of people in the brightly radiant Times Square watch how the almost 4-meter-long “Ball” with over 32,000 light-emitting diodes is lowered on a pole from the roof of One Times Square. Then there’s the countdown, a shower of confetti, people happily embracing amidst the billboards and Broadway, skillfully blocking out the crisp late December chill. Yes, spending New Year’s Eve, the night of nights here, could confidently be described as ” the classic New Year’s Eve in New York par excellence “. When it comes to New Year’s Eve trips to New York, the “Balldrop” is usually the number one event for visitors.

Anyone planning to take part in this event should take one thing into account: Shortly after midnight, Times Square itself is quiet. If you don’t want to miss out on the parties in the surrounding clubs, you can buy the so-called “Balldrop Pass” from $180, which grants you access to various discos and secures free drinks and snacks. It should be noted, however, that the longer you wait, the higher the price. A little tip : On New Year’s Eve, don’t count on being taken home by taxi, because they are difficult to get even on normal days. It’s better to take the subway, because it runs all night.

New Year’s Eve on the Brooklyn Bridge

You definitely have a little space during the New Year’s Eve party on the Brooklyn Bridge. For example, how about taking the transition from one year to the next literally and booting from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Wrap up warm, because the structure can get quite a fresh wind at night. From the middle of the bridge you can have a panoramic view of the skyline and the residential area on one side and marvel at the fireworks around the Statue of Liberty on the other side. You should leave your hip flask in your pocket, even if it warms you up. Alcohol outside is unfortunately prohibited.

Silvester im Central Park

Who doesn’t dream of lacing up their running shoes at midnight on New Year’s Eve and just going for a jog in the park? Admittedly, the “Midnight Run” in New York’s most famous park is a very unusual and whimsical New Year’s Eve tradition. Nevertheless, many thousands of runners come together every year and do their laps in costume. Anyone who is interested can take part, non-members pay a marathon entry fee of $60.

Tired of sweating and panting to greet the new year? in Central Park on New Year’s Eve No problem, of course there will also be a small open-air party with live acts – without any neon signs like in Times Square. After all, dancing is also movement.

Silvester am Grand Army Plaza

Manhattan is too mainstream? Brooklyn also hosts some big celebrations, which luckily is far less crowded with tourists than Times Square. So if you want to spend your New Year’s Eve with the locals, you’re in good hands in Brooklyn.

One of the parties takes place at the Grand Army Plaza at the entrance to Prospect Park. Music, drinks and a perfect view of the fireworks that are fired from the park make the evening typical of New Year’s Eve – without having to stand for hours and secure a seat.

Party boat in New York

Feet hurt, hands tremble, it’s crowded, there’s no toilet anywhere – that may be painted a bit black, but New Year’s Eve with large crowds in the open air can be dreadful for some. You can avoid that and still have a wonderful evening, for example, if you spend the last night of the year on the water. In New York you can book a variety of tours that gala dinners cater to everyone from snacks to and from casual to chic. The big plus is that you can not only take a look at the night skyline, but also the best view of the fireworks on Liberty Island enjoy. The tours are available in different price categories and include a wide variety of packages and can be booked online.

Where’s the best fireworks in New York?

They just kind of belong there, the rockets that are shot into the night sky at midnight. And to be honest, if the New Year’s Eve fireworks in front of your home garage were so impressive when you were a kid, how must it be in a megacity like NYC? Well, that depends.

If you are walking between the high-rise canyons in Times Square or somewhere in Manhattan, you will probably look into the tube. It would simply be far too dangerous to handle fire uncontrollably between the crowds. But good news! Of course, there are also a few places in the Big Apple where you can admire typical fireworks and you don’t have to do without them on your New Year’s Eve trip.

New Yorks Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is open every day of the year, including holidays. The last elevator goes up to the observation deck just after 1am. However, it may be that there are special events in the Empire State Building on New Year’s Eve and you have to buy tickets in advance – here you should inform yourself in good time if you can see the fireworks, the Chrysler Building, the One World Tower and Co. at midnight from want to marvel at above.

Prospect Park in NYC

Nobody has to go without fireworks in Brooklyn… unless they want to. The Prospect Park Alliance and District President Eric Adams organize this every year in Prospect Park. Listen to the live acts, sip a hot chocolate and watch the flares in the sky at Grand Army Plaza, Park’s West Drive and along Prospect Park West between 9th Street and Grand Army Plaza.

Luna Park in New York

In front of all the skyscrapers, it’s easy to forget that New York is much more than steel and concrete towers lined up next to each other. In the very south of Brooklyn there is a beach feeling around the famous Coney Island amusement park. There is also the Luna Park and it promises you a New Year’s Eve on the beach – and that in the middle of the big city. Have a party, ride the Ferris wheel, go ice skating and then, at midnight, enjoy fireworks by the sea, this is how you can simply hide the hustle and bustle of the big city and everyday stress for a brief moment. With the subway you can easily get back to the hotel at night.

Liberty Island in NYC

How could it be otherwise, of course, the Statue of Liberty is in a party mood on New Year’s Eve. And this lady can’t be stopped from firing rockets into the air either. The giant figure seldom shines in such splendor during the night, a sight not to be missed.

The best view of the Statue of Liberty on New Year’s Eve:

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  • Battery Park in Lower Manhattan
  • boat trip

Here the party starts! The best party locations for your New Year’s Eve in NYC

New York clubs for the New Year’s Eve party

New York’s club scene is legendary, versatile and absolutely not a blank slate – especially not when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties. Also at the turn of the year people seesaw and swing over the dancefloors until the sun comes up. Here are a few of the discos that have thrown the best New Year’s Eve parties to date:

  • Dance of Vice
  • The Bell House
  • Brooklyn Bazaar

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York’s rooftop bars

You’ll be a little more chilled, and with the better view, by partying at one of Manhattan’s many rooftop bars. A New Year’s Eve party in the form of drinks and live music is a must here, as is a panoramic view of the sparkling skyline at midnight.

Of course, admission to such a location costs a certain amount of money – but New Year’s Eve is only once a year. In these bars it is worth making a reservation for New Year’s Eve:

  • The Attic Rooftop
  • Penthouse 760
  • 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

New Year’s Eve Boat Tours in NYC

The lights of the night are reflected in the water, the view of the entire skyline and the fireworks in and around Brooklyn are unobstructed. If you want to celebrate the turn of the year with a New Year’s Eve party on the boat, you can look forward to a 1A view. The tours last from three hours on average, long enough to enjoy the panorama, but not too long to end up getting too seasick after a glass of champagne. You can sometimes book directly with Circle Line.

New Year’s Eve trips to New York with children

Admittedly, traveling to such a metropolis with the kids over New Year’s Eve can be a difficult undertaking. It’s noisy, the little ones are forced to stay up late when you’re out and you don’t want any more stress yourself, but still enjoy this special night. You don’t have to do without it either. Numerous restaurants offer, for example, a New Year’s Eve dinner, which the youngest can easily take part in. And even if you are drawn to Times Square, you can take the kids with you. with special family You can save a few dollars passes. And if waiting that long in a huge crowd is too stressful, you can always head to green spaces like Prospect Park, which are not only less crowded but can also host fireworks that are sure to make children’s eyes sparkle. Another suitable alternative are boat tours, which include everything from dinner to the trip to the best view of the fireworks and the skyline.

New Year’s Eve trips to New York for singles

Who says you have to travel as a couple or more to have an unforgettable stay in NYC? And who says that this also applies to New Year’s Eve? The Big Apple is a multi-million city. Accordingly, there are also many single fish in this sea who want to greet the new year with “like-minded people”.

So if you don’t feel like visiting the typical tourist spots alone, but even less want to spend the evening alone in the hotel room, you should make your way to one of the many singles parties. And who knows, maybe more will come of it than just a beautiful, unforgettable night?

The hottest food trends from New York

The Big Apple delicious to bite into

Last but not least, as promised, we have the hottest food trends for a New York city break for you, because one thing should also be on your New York to-do list and that is the food. From celebrity chef to street food – here the pots are boiling as well as the heads of the chefs to always bring something new and extremely delicious to the plate. With our ten food trends in New York we send you to the hippest addresses in the city. Definitely bring your hunger with you.

1. Rainbow Bagel in Brooklyn

Our first stop for New York’s hottest food trends is in Brooklyn and takes us to ‘s ” The Bagel Store Scot Rossillo “. If you now think that bagels are boring and actually everyone already knows them, then you can be sure that this bagel is definitely not boring. With the Rainbow Bagels, the name says it all. They shine in all colors that the rainbow gives – everything from bright blue to pink is included – and these bagels are delicious too. What many people don’t know: Scott has been baking the colorful rings for 20 years, but they were only recently voted trend food, which is certainly also linked to the fact that they provide top photo material for all Instagrammers. In terms of taste, the bagels with cream cheese filling are available in the varieties Cookies and Cream, Nutella or Funetti (crumble cake). While you should allow some time if you want a rainbow bagel, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Opening times The Bagle Store

  • Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m

2. Raindrop Cake in Williamsburg

Our next food trend from New York takes us to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. One of the hottest food markets right now, it should be on every New York bucket list. Here you will find the so-called Raindrop Cake, which is not only extremely stimulating because of its appearance in the form of a raindrop. Darren Wong is the inventor of the Raindrop Cake, which contains nothing more than refreshing spring water, black sugar and kinako, also known as soy flour. It sounds a little strange at first, but it should definitely be tested. You can even buy do-it-yourself kits to try your hand at raindrops yourself.

Opening hours Smorgasburg market

  • Saturday: 11am – 6pm

3. Wowfulls in Brooklyn

Our next food trend is just as WOW as the name: Wowfulls and Eggloo. In Brooklyn you’ll find the store that sells colorful Hong Kong -style waffles. Wowfulls and Eggloo are inspired by Gai Dán Jai which are, egg waffles that were extremely popular and famous in Hong Kong in the 1950’s. Wowfulls took the egg waffle idea and revisited it. The cone-shaped waffles are filled with colorful balls of ice cream, which come in bright colors like light pink and blue. You can also choose from various fruits, sauces and other sweets as toppings. The waffles themselves come in flavors like matcha or chocolate. Wowfulls themselves can be found on Houston Street near Rockwood Music Hall. So on your next vacation to New York, head to Brooklyn for waffle heaven.

Opening hours Wowfulls

  • Monday to Thursday: 1 p.m. to 9 p.m
  • Friday to Sunday: 12pm to 10.30pm

4. Ube Ice Cream

Number 4 of the Street Food Trends from New York for 2020 goes to the so-called Ube Ice Cream. The ice cream trend descended from ube, a purple-colored sweet potato that is ubiquitous in the Philippines and processed as a candy. Ube can be used in just about any dessert, like cake or donuts, and now it’s popping up in New York in the form of ice cream. The lively and juicy taste make every ice cream a highlight. In addition, it is reported that Ube has a positive effect on health – yes, we’ve finally gotten that far: Sweets make you healthy! So it’s not for nothing that Ube has jumped to the top of the lists of ice cream vendors in New York. The following 7 spots are just as hot for Ube ice cream as you are:

  • 2nd City (West Village & Upper East Side)
  • Chinatwon Ice Cream Factory (Chinatown)
  • New Territories (Lower East Side)
  • Pig & Khao (Lower East Side)
  • Purple Yam (Flatbush)
  • Soft Swerve (Lower East Side)
  • Ube Kitchen (Smorgasburg)

5. Ice Pop Cocktails in Manhattan

If you’re already in New York, you really have to visit a rooftop bar and it’s even better if you can combine the whole thing with a food trend. The Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar directly on the Hudson River on the roof of the Conrad Hotel offers its visitors the famous popsicles – known to us as popsicles – in the form of a cocktail. The advantage: There is more taste and no watered-down cocktails when the ice melts at high temperatures, because the popsicle simply remains in the glass and is served with the cocktail. Not only does it look cool, it’s also delicious and there are different flavors every day. Perfect for cooling off after a long tour of the city in summer while enjoying a stunning view.

Opening times Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

  • From 2019: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m

6. Burrata Ice cream im West Village

Ice cream and cheese don’t go together? proves it It fits and Dominique Ansel, the French master baker, who became world famous with the cronut – a combination of croissant and donut – in the Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the West Village with the Burrata Ice Cream. Not far from the Hudson River, you get the artful ice cream straight to your hand and can stroll through the city relaxed and enjoy this food trend at the same time. Burrata is Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream – the slightly different ice cream taste that will refresh and delight you. The waffle that goes with the ice cream has a gentle honey flavor and the burrata soft ice cream is flavored with small basil leaves and balsamic caramel. Perfect for your city trip to New York in summer!

Opening times Dominique Ansel Kitchen West Village

  • Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m

7. Sushi Donut

Sushi – not new, but always very popular. So why not take the delicious ingredients found in sushi and bring it to market in a new form than the eternal roll ?, thought, That’s what the Sushi Donut Shop in Manhattan, between Korea Town and Murray Hill and you’ll almost have guessed it from the name: they sell donut-shaped sushi and it’s the latest hit on New York’s food trend market. For a sushi donut, the sushi rice is brought into the shape of a donut, with delicious fish and the usual toppings that go with sushi – that’s it. Incidentally, the whole thing was brought to the market by a cookbook author from Australia. For all those who like to enjoy sushi without fish – the hearty donut is also available in vegetarian versions. Toppings include tuna, salmon, yellow tuna, avocado, cucumber, and carrot, among others. The whole thing is filled with either spicy tuna, salmon or something similar. You can choose between brown and white rice. The heart of every sushi lover beats faster.

Opening hours Sushi Donut Shop

  • Monday to Thursday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m
  • Friday : 11am to 4pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m

8. The Unicorn Latte in Brooklyn

Unicorns are always a good idea and now even in coffee. The coffee shop “The End” in Brooklyn has taken this to heart and now sells its latte macchiato not just as a latte, but as a unicorn latte. A food trend that is well received by New Yorkers and that you should definitely try, even if the colorful coffee brew might take some getting used to. The Unicorn Late has been on The End’s menu since 2016, but it’s only now that it’s gained notoriety. It’s not only wild in terms of color, no, also in terms of taste. Cold-pressed ginger and blue-green algae are included here. In terms of colour, we go into all layers. Petrol-colored coffee meets pink foam, sprinkled with colorful stars. We say yes: you have to be brave to test the Unicorn Latte in Brooklyn.

Opening hours The End

  • Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m

9. New Nordic Food

New Nordic Food is a movement that reached New York from Copenhagen. The New Nordic Food kitchen takes on Scandinavian cooking techniques such as marinating, smoking and salting, while focusing on fresh and local ingredients that adapt to the season. There are delicacies with salmon or even very noble with caviar on the table. There are currently only three New York restaurants that have embraced the new Nordic cuisine. Namely the Aska in Brooklyn, the Aquavit in Manhattan and the Acme, also in Manhattan. You may have to dig a little deeper into your wallet here, but it tastes all the tastier and is also healthy.

opening hours

Aska (Only with reservation)

  • Tuesday to Saturday: from 6 p.m
  • February: Wednesday to Saturday from 6 p.m


  • Monday to Thursday: 11.45am to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 10pm
  • Friday: 11.45am to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m
  • Sunday: closed


  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 6 p.m. to 11 p.m
  • Thursday to Saturday: 6 p.m. to midnight
  • Sunday & Monday: closed

10. Ramen Burgers on the Smorgasburg

Our 10th place of the biggest food trends from New York takes us back to the Smorgasburg food market in Williamsburg, because here you can also the new trend Ramen Burger discover and taste. Ramen is a popular Japanese dish with wheat noodles and burgers – well, everyone knows burgers. Keizo Shimamoto came up with the idea of ​​combining these two favorite dishes after trying a sandwich with a bun made from ramen noodles while in Japan. He connected the concept to the typical American sandwich, packed a burger patty between two ramen buns and the madness was born. So if you like burgers and ramen, the ramen burger is definitely the right thing for you.

Opening hours Smorgasburg market

  • Saturday: 11am – 6pm

Well, is your mouth watering now? No wonder, because these 10 food trends from New York definitely pack a punch. From ice cream to burgers, everything is included and you should on your next trip to New York definitely fill your stomach. Sightseeing just makes you hungry.

We say ahoy and set sail!

Free in New York: Tips for free sightseeing & attractions

Glitter, glamor, NYC! The Big Apple not only attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to the USA because of its impressive skyline. And it’s not just people from outside the city who love the charm of the metropolis. From Frank Sinatra to Alicia Keys, they all couldn’t help but pen hymns of praise for the city that never sleeps. And why not, after all, New York has so many sights to offer and is so multifaceted that one visit is actually not enough.

Fortunately, flights across the pond are now quite cheap, but finding a hotel is proving to be a difficult task. The city, especially Manhattan, is also incredibly expensive in other respects. Even without major expenses, a trip sometimes eats a huge hole in your wallet – so it’s only of limited consolation that you can shop for cheap branded clothes. The price of admission to observation decks, boat tours, Broadway shows and museums feels higher than the skyscrapers of the banks.

So that you don’t fly home exhausted and broke, but still have enough money left for a real hot dog, an original cheesecake and a Long Island Iced Tea, but still be able to see everything from the metropolis, you should definitely read our tips for free sightseeing take to heart in New York. It’s not in any travel guide. Explore NYC – FOR FREE!

MoMA, The Met and Co. – art, culture & curiosities

Who wants to feel like “Night at the Museum”? Then off to the American Museum of Natural History! There you will find all the stuffed and skeletonized “stars” from the Ben Stiller strip. Of course, the museum world of NYC offers even more, the most well-known addresses are probably the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where everything from Dalí to Monet to Picasso hangs on the walls that has a reputation. At least as impressive as the daubs and brushstrokes on the canvas are the entrance fees. 25 dollars here, 22 dollars there – that’s how you quickly get rid of a proud sum in just one day.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, you just have to know how to do it! Because, what many people don’t know and what the travel guide doesn’t reveal either: ticket prices in New York are often not really official fees, but “donations”. That means you can just pay $5 for the card or go to the museum for free. This regulation does not apply to all museums, the MoMA, for example, does not take part in this fun, but many of the houses have certain times when you can visit them free of charge.

Visit the museum for free: Which museums in New York are free and when

  • American Museum of Natural History: Admission only optional, last hour generally free
  • Museum of Modern Art: Free on Fridays from 4pm to 8pm
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Admission only optional
  • 9/11 Memorial Museum: Tuesdays from 5 p.m. free of charge (advance booking required)
  • The Cloisters: Entry only optional
  • New gallery: free on the first Friday of the month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m
  • Brooklyn Museum: Free first Saturday of the month
  • New York Botanical Garden: Free on Wednesdays & 9am to 10am on Saturdays
  • New York Historical Society: “Pay what you want”
  • National Museum of the American Indian: immer gratis
  • Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture: immer gratis

The best views cost nothing!

So much steel and concrete and so many gigantic buildings, just impressive. The Manhattan skyline is a sight that you will look for in vain in this country. So it’s not surprising that you try to get the best possible view of the skyscrapers and snap a few breathtaking photos. Anyone who sets off for the well-known viewing platforms in Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building will soon be asked to pay. In addition, of course, you don’t get the respective building on the snapshot.

So what to do? Enjoy the panorama from a mockery that you can get for free. And there’s a lot of that in New York. Here you will find an overview of the best free views in and of New York.

Here’s the best view of Manhattan

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Roosevelt Island (Gondola crossing is available at no extra cost with the regular subway day pass)
  3. Govenor’s Island
  4. Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  5. Gantry Plaza State Park
  6. Empire Fulton Ferry Park, DUMBO, Brooklyn
  7. Maxwell Place Park (Hoboken, NJ)

The best views in the middle of Manhattan

Of course, nothing works without a photo in the middle of the action. Many skyscrapers have hotels, restaurants and bars that allow you to do just that. Admittedly, the cocoa or the cola could cost a few dollars, but you get the view at a dizzy height and from the rooftop as a kind of free topping.

  1. Supernova Restaurant im Novotel Times Square
  2. Bar 54 of the Hyatt on the 54th floor on the 54th floor
  3. The View Restaurant & Lounge

Staten Island Ferry: Statue of Liberty, New Jeresy & New York in one

Do you want the perfect panoramic shot? Then let’s go to the Staten Island Ferry. The crossing is free and gives you a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and everything around. So you don’t necessarily have to pay for expensive boat tours, but can get a first-class view of all the sights without any costs.

  • Staten Island Ferry (free crossing)

Free tours without any hop-on hop-off buses

Authentic, informative and best of all inexpensive, this is what the ideal tour should look like. Most of the time, however, it is only one thing: expensive. There are many ways to really get to know New York City. And with many of them you can safely leave your wallet in the hotel.

King of the road – City Bus instead of expensive sightseeing

It’s windy and you’re sitting in a hard-shell seat on an open-topped tourist bus, trying to listen through your aching plastic earplugs as the guide mumbles something into a microphone in broken English. And you have to pay for that too. think! In almost every big city there is at least one bus line that passes all the typical highlights and hotspots. So also in the Big Apple. From north to south and vice versa across Manhattan, it’s so easy to go – and with your normal day pass there are no extra costs.

Example routes:

  1. M4
  2. M15
  3. M20

Off to the islands! Crossings to Govenor’s Island and Co.

Manhattan isn’t the only New York island with something to admire. Roosevelt Island and Govenor’s Island also have their charm and cannot only convince as excellent vantage points. And best of all: While you first have to make money for trips to Liberty Island and Co., you can visit these two islands for free!

The trip to Roosevelt Island is something very special, because you don’t just take the ferry here. Oh no, instead we take a gondola through the air. Sounds exclusive and therefore expensive? Is not it. You can use your MetroCard, which you need for transport anyway. Without extra fees!

Govenor’s Island can be reached by ferry in a few minutes. Normally you have to pay 2 dollars for the round trip ticket. It’s not a big sum, but it’s also free. When? On Saturdays and Sundays, rides are free until 11:30am, allowing you to save a few extra bucks.


Free walking tours

They already exist in some metropolises, so of course they shouldn’t be missing in the Big Apple New York City either; free sightseeing tours. These are not financed by any fees, but are completely free and are only financed by tips. Of course, this also means that you can look forward to a guide who is not only informed, but also highly motivated. The tours usually take place in a small group, so they are more personal and can be designed more individually.

A tour of a very special kind is undoubtedly the one through the High Line Park. The route was actually used by the railway and is located in the middle of Chelsea in Manhattan. After the decommissioning, not everything was demolished, oh no, instead a park more than 2km long was opened at the dizzy heights. Admission is free and if a walk is not enough activity, you can also take part in a guided tour.

Overview: Free walking tours in New York

  1. Lower Manhattan tours
  2. Midtown Manhattan Tour
  3. ghost tours
  4. SoHo, Little Italy & Chinatown Tour
  5. Brooklyn Street Art Tour
  6. High Line Park Tour

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