Trust these Natural Treats for Dogs

Every dog owner wants the best for their furry friend. You want to be able to show them constant love and affection to let them know how much you deeply care for them. One of the most common ways a dog owner chooses to show their affection and appreciation for their dog is through treats.

Dog treats other main function is to reward dogs for good behavior or correctly completing a command. Sometimes, it can be easy to get carried away with how many treats you give your dog because of course, they find them so tasty.

In order to avoid overfeeding your pet unhealthy treats that aren’t the best for them, try opting for natural treats that are more suitable for your dog’s diet. With some natural treats for dogs, you’re able to make them at home with some natural ingredients you may already have in your fridge!

Best Natural and Healthy Treats

● Homemade Treats 
The cool thing about making your own treats at home is that you’re able to add all of the necessary fruits and vegetables your dog needs. With store-bought treats, you are only able to pick and choose some of the ingredients you want for your dog, but some are out of your control.

Another great part of making natural homemade treats is that you are able to see what your dog likes and doesn’t like, so you can then customize their treats to make sure they’re getting their favorite ingredients. There are a ton of recipes already out there that could fit your dog’s dietary needs, just a click away!

● Earthborn Holistic 
If you’re going to opt for a quick and easy way to treat your dog, try these natural treats for dogs from Earthborn Holistic. These are some of the highest quality natural treats that dogs will love. The treats from Earthborn Holistic provide the highest quality ingredients including vegetables such as peas, carrots, and peanut butter that will be a tasty treat for your pet. Packed with vitamins and Omegas are added for proper hair, skin, and immune health.

● The Natural Dog Company 
If you have a dog that loves to chew on things, the products from The Natural Dog Company will certainly fulfill their chewing needs. They have all of the bully sticks and meat-based treats that will touch your dog’s carnivorous side. It’s said that chew sticks like this benefit dogs’ mental function, so they are able to focus on chewing rather than getting into things they shouldn’t.

Check out all these yummy treats and more at My Pets Plus. My Pets Plus is an online and in-person pet store based in Bemidji, Minnesota. Their love and drive for adequate pet care stemmed from their family dogs who had skin issues. They weren’t able to find many resources from other places, so they built their own. Since then, My Pets Plus has been servicing their human and canine customers for many years now.

Being a family-owned business, the people at Pets Plus understand the need for high-quality pet care. They even went above and beyond and created their own line of pet food and treats called North Wind Premium.

If you’re interested in checking out all the natural treats for dogs this place has to offer, visit their website at and take a look around. If you have any questions concerning your pet or any products, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 218-444-4738.

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