Understanding Alpha, Beta and Gamma Testing

Software and Application testing consists of many test phases which can be done by various kinds of manual as well as automated tools. Software performance testing services such as Smoke Test, Integration Test, Acceptance test, Unit Test, Regression Test, UI Performance Testing and Functional Test etc. are quite essential for a website or mobile application to work efficiently. 

The three phases of application or Software testing are listed below;

  • Alpha Testing

This is the initial Software testing phase in which the Quality Assurance and the Software development team checks and evaluates the application for any visible fault or loophole that were neglected before. The software is tested in real – life environmental conditions by the developers. 

Advantages of Alpha Testing

  • Helps in addressing any issues that were neglected earlier.
  • Alpha Testing enables a faster process of getting approval from the client to product delivery.
  • The product is tested to assess the application or software’s behavior by developers and testers, trying to be like end users and copying their actions.
  • Any defect, error or bug reported is immediately transferred to the Software Development team and addressed by them accordingly. 
  • The product which has passed in the Alpha Testing stage is ready for an Alpha release.

  • Beta Testing

This is second phase of Testing which is conducted by the end users and is also known as pre – release Testing. This is done just before the product launch and delivery. 

Advantages of Beta Testing

  • It helps in verifying the product’s compatibility with different hardware configurations.
  • User’s feedback is essential for Software’s functionality.
  • Any bugs or defects which are neglected in initial Testing phases are discovered in Beta Testing stage.
  • Beta Testing helps in identifying the gaps between the product requirements and their implementation while developing the Software.
  • The software which has passed this testing stage is ready for its Beta release.

  • Gamma Testing

This is considered as the last leg of Software Testing which is done by a limited number of end users without the interference of any testers, just prior to its release.

Advantages of Gamma Testing

  • It makes sure that the product is market ready and functions the correct way.
  • Only the end users perform this Testing and the reviews and feedbacks received from them are used for update versions.
  • It basically aims at the product’s security and functionality. 
  • Gamma Testing verifies the application or software’s specifications. 

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