Unique wedding invitation that your guests will love

Wedding season 2021 is coming, this means the time of the year when 20000 weddings are going to happen between October and December.

Whether it be samuhikvivah (group weddings) or a singular marriage, grand marriage, or a simple ceremony in the temple, one thing is for sure that it’s going to bring joy to everyone involved.

 But wait, isn’t there something missing? If the reader’s guess was a wedding invitation card, the reader just got it right, Indian wedding cards are not just an invitation, they are more than that, at times they can be memories that can remind families and friends of the auspicious ceremony.

So why not make unique wedding invitational cards that the guests will keep with them as a souvenir, here are some interesting ideas.

Creative and unique Indian wedding invitational cards

Religious wedding cards: – India is a country that is home to many religions, all of them have traditions and rituals that make it a diverse country, it’s no different when it comes to weddings.

Wedding cards can be given a unique look by adding religious phrases on their cover or by adding a religious symbol, the ritual names written on the card can be enhanced with small illustrations related to a particular ritual.

Laser-cut cards: – A plain and simple wedding card is going to be forgotten as soon after it is read, giving such a card also shows that the person doesn’t even have interest in inviting guests, it’s all psychological.

Laser-cut cards are exclusive cards that excite the guest to completely read the details; these cards are available in various patterns and designs such as floral and tree-themed ones.

Scroll wedding invitations: – A couple is going to feel like they are royal if they announce their marriage with the use of scroll wedding cards.

These cards are inspired by ancient times when maharajas used to send scrolls to friendly kingdoms to announce their weddings and invite other kings to their grand celebration.

Scroll invites are available in many themes out of which the couple can choose the one that matches the theme of their marriage.

Boxed wedding cards: – Wedding cards under a wooden box can be given as wrapped or unwrapped, sure they are going to be a little expensive because of the patterns carved on the box, but it’s worth it since a wedding of the same two persons only happen once.

What boxed invitational cards do first is create suspense, especially among young children as to how is the wedding card kept inside going to look.

 Various gift items can be kept inside the box as a bonus or a small personalized message card for the guest, chocolates can also be kept inside to give them a sweet treat before the big day.

Playing cards as an invitation: – This is a unique and creative idea for anyone; the idea is simple yet impressive.

Each card has a beautiful illustration of the bridegroom at the back; the other side of the card reveals the details of the ritual.

This wedding season, impress the attending guests with unique Hindu Wedding Cards available at sevencolourscard.com and give them something to cherish for a long time.

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