Use Facebook ads for your business

Facebook ads for your business are known to be significant events. If you are the owner of a company, its size does not matter to promote; you must market your business on Facebook. 


Ads can be seen on the desktop news feed, mobile news feed, or on the right side of Facebook on the desktop.

Two of these are essential for campaign ads – 

  1. Power Editor and
  2. Ads Manager.

How to use Facebook Ads for your business

If you desire to promote your , you have to learn how to use Facebook Ads for your business

In this article, I will expose eleven ideas of using Facebook Ads. 

Install the app

If you have a mobile app, you can inspire people to install that app by advertising on Facebook. Like the Facebook page, you may promote any other products you are the owner of them. 

Brand Awareness

In the case of this advertisement, you can promote your blog or website through your Facebook page with a cover picture or any other size picture. 

In this case, you will get an option called ad website URL on Facebook. After selecting it, the type of ad will remain the same as traffic and website conversions.

Website conversion

This type of ad campaign is used 90 out of 100 times. If you use it, you will get more sales, leads, or any other action on the website.

There are two important things in the case of such an advertising objective.

  1. Pixel code found.
  2. Install pixel code on the landing page and thank you page to track conversions.

This is similar to regular traffic advertising. But pixels result in tracking and conversion, which makes a difference between those two ads.


There are three types of engagement.

Post engagement: This is just like a regular Facebook post. It is only boosted to increase engagement.

Like the page: Advertising campaigns are created to motivate people to like your page.

Event response: You can promote any of your upcoming events in advance.


Lead Generation

Such advertisements are, of course, memorable. A click from the audience will add him to your email list. In this case, no landing page, no thanks page is required. An excellent creative ad and leads can be signed up with one click. However, the sign-up process is so quick that many will not recognize you if you send them an email later.


It is used to increase the brand awareness of your business. For that, you have to focus on the creation of shareable posts on Facebook. If you can do this, you will have massive reach on your post on Facebook. 

Product Catalog Sales

Many people like this type of campaign objective. Ecommerce websites use it a lot. Suppose you have searched for a flight ticket from a specific place to another particular site. Right after that, you will see that there are multiple advertisements on your Facebook page.

Store visit

Multiple business locations are promoted for people nearby. Suppose you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, just type it, and you will find where there are good Chinese restaurants near your home.


This type of campaign is designed to get more people to message you on Facebook. In this case, you will have the option to talk to you directly on Messenger. Whether your audience number is ten, one thousand, or one lakh, you can reach them with one click.

Last word

Now you have a clear idea about Facebook ads for your business. It will help you choose the best advertising campaign. Hopefully, this information will help you grow more business and generate revenue on Facebook.

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