Use of Content Marketing Automation Platforms in the Lead Generation Process

Marketing platforms refers to software that enables marketers to manage their businesses, contacts and leads from a central location. This system is usually web based and can integrate with email marketing platforms such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and MSN. For the small business owner or professional marketer who has many leads and opportunities to explore, there are several advantages to managing your business with web based analytics and CRM.

Marketing platforms provide a central location where multiple streams of communications can be shared. By setting up a marketing account, marketers will be able to connect through email, instant messaging, web pages, social networking sites and mobile apps. The platforms provide the tools for entrepreneurs to manage their marketing material through these different mediums. The data from the various channels and reports can help marketers determine which of these methods are working and which need re-treading. These platforms also allow the entrepreneur to quickly identify opportunities and look for new products to promote.

CRM provides information about leads and activity for marketers to manage, while the content marketing platforms enable marketers to create content through blogs, video, podcast, Vines, and social media. Content marketing is a powerful strategy but many of the marketers use the platform incorrectly. Some of these mistakes include not adding enough value, promoting the wrong type of product, duplicate content or the promotion of products in an inappropriate manner.

Marketing platforms are great because they are a one-place solution for businesses to connect and manage their data. All of the data is in one place so it is easy to find and manage leads and opportunities. Content marketing can benefit from these platforms because it creates back links to your site and allows you to build a community around your business. The analytics offered by the platform will help you understand how your team members are driving traffic to your site.

There are some marketers who are using twitter to their advantage but many fail at this effort because there is no analytical aspect to using the platform. The CRM provided by marketing platforms provides an analytical report on the clicks on your links to see which keywords are creating the most sales. If you are not converting your leads then you should be able to identify what your shortcomings are in the link building process. The CRM will provide you with reports that show you the percentage of link clicks that led to sales, the time duration that a user on a social media site was on your site, the number of comments that were posted and the demographics of users. These are important metrics because they will allow you to create content around certain key phrases to generate sales.

Search engine optimization is an important strategy for creating business but many businesses overlook the importance of using quality search results for their optimization efforts. The CRM provided by the search platforms will help you track the success of your keywords and monitor any changes in the search results and competitor’s keyword match requirements. The marketing platform also offers extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to identify and solve customer problems. While the conversion rate of the pages may not meet the sales projections, effective content marketing platforms can increase your ranking in the search results and increase traffic to your website.

The marketing automation platforms can automate your lead generation activities through the creation and distribution of e-newsletters, online ads, email campaigns, mobile marketing activities, social media marketing activities and many other activities. With the help of this platform you will be able to send mass emails to your customers and automate the follow up. This will ensure that you have timely leads generated for your business without the hassle of sending mass e-mails. You will also be able to track the response of the leads and know whether the content marketing platform is really providing value to your business.

Sales teams need to work more effectively and efficiently so that sales are increased and profitability is maximized. However, some sales teams have failed to maximise their efficiency due to poor leadership and communication. For the improvement of these sales teams, the CRM provided by the platform enables the teams to easily identify the leads and nurture them properly so that they convert into customers. These systems also enable the sales force automation so that tasks such as prospecting and cold calling are made more efficient. The efficiency of these platforms helps in the reduction of cost involved in the business processes.

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