Use Temporary and Permanent display counters for visual merchandise strategy:

Display counters are like building blocks for any retail setting. All products, regardless of their industry, require display counters if the company follows a brick and mortar business model. Display counters are set up in retail stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets.

Types of display counters:

Display counters can be divided into two major categories:

  • Permanent
  • Temporary

Permanent Display Counters:

Permanent display counters, as the name suggests, hold a permanent place in the store, mall, or supermarket they’re set in. These counters are used for organization, structure, and promotion of the products. Permanent display counters are further divided into two types.

Pallet Display:

These counters became very popular after huge retail store chains like Walmart started using them. These are four-cornered display counters placed at a prominent place on the store floor to gain maximum possible exposure. These are viewable from all four sides and are rather large. Pallet display counters can carry a large number of units/products and are the best in-store promotion your brand can have.

These counters are designed in a way that the pallet platform has a large brand logo and product units are organized over it in custom display boxes.

Shelf Display:

Shelf displays, when placed once, stay there forever i.e. you can shuffle or re-organizing the merchandise but the counter stays in its place. These counters make restocking and organizing the merchandise extremely easy. Custom display boxes for shelf displays are created according to specific retail guidelines and standards. You must design these counters carefully as changing their shape and position is an extensive procedure.

Temporary Display Counter:

Temporary display counters are mainly used for promotion and marketing. A company comes up with temporary promotional display counters when launching a new product or trying to give momentum to sales of an existing one. These are further divided into two types.

POS display:

Many of us end up picking a product that was stocked near the checkout. These counters are called POS displays and are placed there strategically. Humans by nature crave ease and convenience and POS counters provide exactly that. Brands must organize and design their POS counter strategically because they can be the reason why a customer will visit their shelf/POP counter.

Floor Display:

Floor display counters are like POS display but their placement and positioning are changed more often. They’re placed near a shelf, checkout counter, or any place that gives them maximum exposure. These counters are a great source of customer engagement and significantly increase product visibility.

Pop Display:

A unique type of display counters is the POP display. These counters can be permanent and temporary. Brands may set-up a temporary POP display for the promotion of a new product or get a permanent space for their merchandise in a place. POP (point of purchase) display is probably the most effective type of visual merchandising strategy.

Visual Merchandising:

Placing marketing and promotional material beside the product you’re advertising, in form of an attractive and well-organized display counter is called visual merchandising. This strategy is used to highlight the features and benefits of a product and increase the exposure. Display counters are key players in visual merchandising.

How to Design an Effective Visual Merchandising Strategy:

To design an effective and efficient visual merchandise strategy, study the buying behaviors of your target audience closely and carefully. Then using a mix of all the above-mentioned counters, design your strategy targeting the needs and wants of the customers. Usually, POP and POS display counters are used along with permanent shelf counters when launching a new product. When done right, your visual merchandise strategy will positively influence the buying decision of the customers and your sales will exponentially increase.

NOTE: Do not indulge in aggressive marketing i.e. don’t try to shove your product down the customer’s throat. Stay dignified with your placement strategy.

Advantages of using display counters:

In a retail setting, display counters serve the following functions:

  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Merchandise assembly, and
  • Shelf organization

Display counters are an important part of a Retail setting. And the major component of a display counter is Custom Display boxes.

Mass media advertising vs visual merchandising:

One may argue that in the era of such technological advancement, brands should be investing more in mass media marketing (TV, radio, Internet) instead of visual merchandising. The answer is, 

mass media marketing works for a limited audience, still, some people don’t have access to the internet

Scientifically, humans are wired to invest in something after physically examining it.

Mass media marketing can’t be used for all industries e.g. an online campaign for a pharmaceutical product will not be very effective.

Example of the POP display campaign for ADVIL:

THE recent POP display campaign for ADVIL is a great example of how effective visual merchandising can be. The campaign featured POP and POS displays containing Pharmaceutical Display Boxes and pamphlets to educate people about the dual action of the drug. This campaign doubled the sales for ADVIL. 

Custom display boxes are vital for a visual merchandise campaign.

Custom Display Boxes:

These are usually made up of recyclable cardboard, white paper board, or corrugated cardboard material. Varying in sizes and shapes according to the requirements of the brand, product, and campaign narrative. These boxes are custom printed with different finish options like

  • Gloss/Matt Lamination, 
  • Gloss/Matt Varnishing, 
  • UV coating.

Custom display boxes are easy to assemble and convenient to carry. You can get these boxes from a reliable packaging company at very economical wholesale rates. Some packaging companies offer free design support for compliant packaging as well.


Visual merchandising is never going to be out of style. This marketing strategy is the life of a retail setting; forever-grabbing customer’s attention and facilitating purchase decisions. Invest in a well-designed display counter with custom display boxes.

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