Is working smart work better than working hard at a college test

College life demands substantial integrity to the rules, regulation, and of course being indulged into your respective curriculum. Every year, thousands of students apply for college entrance tests around the state of Texas and only a small number of them scored precisely under their expectations which further raises the question as though is it even beneficial to let your kids even go to test prep school? Well, nothing we can say for certain because a lot of statistics have been falling under the favor of these so-called best college test prep Texas schools as students are showing remarkable scores within the last two decades. Here we are going to know about if working smart can get you inside and achieve better in college than working hard. Are you curious as well? Let’s find out….

Working hard will cost you time but acquiring smart means can make it convenient:

Back in 2014, when android smartphones were initially popular in the states, you could find a lot of people using the new hand portable gadgets everywhere you go, especially, in some public places where people click their moments and upload on the social media timelines to update their statuses. There was a teacher in an educational institute writing his work on a white board and students were obliged to copy all of it down, all worked hard and ensure their writing speed was fast enough completing by the end of the period. But, among the students there was one who waited for the teacher to complete his work on white board and when he did, put out his smartphone, took a picture and saved it.

Phew! One hour of work in merely a second. That’s really smart but do not forget other than this smart kid has wasted an hour but what they have gained is far more significant… “The capability of writing fast enough” … that’s right, this is something which the smart kids have not achieved and same can be said for most of the individuals in today’s generation, living their lives in the blues technology.

Smart work can sometimes backlash:

As mentioned in the above incident it did back lashes, all students have attained a required capability and the smart kid was left deprived of it, why? Because he didn’t practice. I am not saying that this can happen merely in a day but making it as an instinct can surely lead to failure. In some cases it did save your time but can recoil you badly but mostly smart work is a blissful aspect in one’s temperament aside from his or her training phase.

A soldier cannot become worthy unless he or she is trained in their respective protocols, and if escaped, then they are no longer part of mainstream military service. Likewise the case in college, if a student didn’t know about the hard way to get things then he will be pampered for all his life ahead and in the end his vision will be limited to the easing ways. Let’s suppose a friend of yours is having a study for SAT study or for ACT, he or she needs to be utterly competent for it and the curricular procedure cannot be ignored for this or else expect a backlash in his or her life ahead.

Last thoughts:

Both hard and smart working ways are vital in their own ways and one cannot put a comparison on them as both are required in their own meaningful ways. Escaping hard work will end up transforming you into a lazy sloth and evading smart endeavor will result in driving your intellectual capabilities away. We should put both such efforts in our paths and use each one accordingly to the situation.

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