Warning danger of nematode infection in newborn dogs

Nematodes in dogs are a dangerous condition. Especially with puppies and newborn dogs. Roundworms, hookworms … kill the most puppies if you don’t know. While young dogs under 6 weeks old are safe from viral diseases: Parvovirus, Care … thanks to natural immune antibodies through breast milk, this disease is extremely dangerous. By types of parasitic worms, attach to the wall of the small intestine of the dog.

Statistics on the prevalence of helminths in puppies

According to the statistics of Dr. Phan Luc – Lecturer of the Hanoi University of Agriculture (Parasites and Veterinary Parasites-1997), young dogs infected with worms from 4 months of age, the heaviest being from 17-20 days old. . A rate of 52% of young dogs infected with worms, while in adult dogs over 1-year-old, only 12% infected, imported dogs and female dogs the rate of worm infection is higher than domestic dogs and males.

Most young dogs infected with Toxocara canis of the Asscaridae family are pale yellow in color. The head of the worm is slightly arched toward the abdomen. The male is 5-10cm long, the female is 9-18cm long.

Why do newborn dogs get nematode?

The mother dog swallows worm eggs from the environment, or through the skin into the body, turns into larvae through the intestine of the mother. Moving into organs such as liver, heart, lung, trachea … Especially through the placenta to the fetus, develops into adult worms.

So not born, puppies are likely infected with worms. In addition, helminth larvae also pass directly through breast milk to puppies. Hookworms cause intestinal bleeding in dogs.

How dog nematode disease destroys the body

The larvae of dog nematodes move through the body, damaging many of the dog’s organs. Carry a variety of dangerous bacteria. When the worms develop in large numbers, they can cause ulcers, intestinal obstruction, perforation of the intestines, bile duct obstruction, and death.

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The toxin secreted by the worms affects the nervous system. Signs of poisoned dogs are tremors, convulsions, vomiting. Unconscious barking, yawning difficulty breathing. The tongue and mucous membranes pale, the skin turns purple, and then dies.

Symptoms of nematode disease in dogs are anemia, weakness, stunting, or diarrhea. A big stomach can be bloated, difficult to move. Dogs that stop breastfeeding, stop eating, have little urination, or have bleeding can easily die. So it is important to choose the right prevention methods and dog food for them. To prevent some symptoms from worsening health.

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