Web hosting Australia: What you need to know?


If you have finally decided to set up your first website, you are one step ahead of developing an influential online presence. After purchasing your domain name, the next big step is to decide who will take care of your web hosting in Australia. Since you can’t have your own site without a hosting service, opt for something that suits you. Before you start looking for web hosting in Australia, you need to have specific criteria based on your needs.

At Navicosoft, we offer you the most affordable plans of web hosting in Melbourne enriched with features such as security, reliability, and speed. Here are a few topics you need to explore while you are looking for web hosting in Australia.

What is their uptime guarantee?

Uptime guarantee means that the web hosting company guarantees your site to be up and running most of the time. Hence don’t go for less than 99.9% uptime.

 Do they offer 24/7 live support?

While looking for web hosting in Melbourne, look for a provider offering round-the-clock live support. It is essential for any kind of technical issues in the case when the site goes down.

Is it a reliable and reputable company?

The reputation of a web hosting provider is a key consideration because no business can trust a provider if it is not reliable. Hence do your homework before you opt for a web hosting in  Australia.

Do they provide website security?

Website security is a growing concern that should be taken seriously. Hacking has very serious and severe consequences for all businesses. It has potentially devastating effects on the cost and reputation of your business.

Navicosoft offers competitive web hosting in Australia. Our above ten years of existence is proof of our tremendous services. Being one of the oldest and best hosting companies in Australia, we ensure you grow and manage your business by adopting the latest technologies to keep pace with the latest innovations. We ensure that your site is secure with a free SSL certificate.


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