Welcoming you to the Gentlemen’s coteri

It remains a fact that any Gentlemen’s coterie possess a charisma which diverts people’s attention towards itself. A deep sense of desire to be a part of such an elegant community prevails within all the men present around them. Being a gentleman is among the other characteristics of an Alpha Male. A gentleman, most importantly has a remarkable fashion sense that makes him appear fabulous. If you are eager to become an Alpha Male, the first step is to update and improve your fashion sense.

Welcome to the Gentlemen’s coterie, where we guide you about men’s fashion wear and the stunning techniques that would make you look highly enticing. So let us proceed with our countdown of the 5 splendid ways that can help you look like a gentleman.


  • The Dress Code


Gentlemen, you need to focus on your dress code at first.

Your outfit completely depends on the norms and social culture around you. The key to look attractive is to choose the right dress for the right moment. A suit doesn’t work in birthday parties neither do pajamas and t shirts work in wedding ceremonies. So the first matter to think upon is which dress suits the best at that specific event. When you know what to wear, it is then the right time to choose and create your dress.


2) Creating the dress

Your dress very much depends on your physique, skin colour, height and facial structure. If we talk about a suit to wear at a wedding, we must look into the slightest details to make it perfect and by perfect we mean flawless. In any case, your dress must be fit according to your physique because loose outfits are merely a humiliation for a handsome guy like you.

 If you are a white male, darker shades will suit you best. Especially, a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up with bracers neatly tucked in a finely ironed Dress pant, a mixed coloured tie, black polished shoes, a Rolex on that left muscular forearm and vaula! Similarly, for dark skin colour, light coloured outfits serve the best. It depends on which category you put yourself in. Ties and bows should be matched with the colour closely resembling your overall dress. Colour

combination does more than 70% of the job therefore, you should attend to it carefully.

Grace comes with tidiness which is why your dress should be ironed properly, shoes polished and overall clean having no stains at all.

With your understanding of how you can learn to create your dress, we jump to our third exquisite way to be a gentleman.


3) Choosing the Right Fashion accessories:

It’s not always about the dress or the outfit you wear. To enhance your beauty, fashion accessories like perfumes, watches, hair cream, body wash and stuff like this is required.

 For men, black or silver analog wrist watches work with every colour code. You do not have to buy the most expensive items to look gorgeous because not always are the expensive products suitable for you. Sometimes simple products turn out to be more stunning.

Use a good body wash that has essential moisturizers and keeps your skin fresh and alive. Other face or body washes such as anti acne ones are rough to your skin and long term use of those are pretty harmful.
For perfumes, always avoid those that have an intense smell. Two to three puffs of a light perfume work the best. Obviously, you do not want to burn the noses of people around you.


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4. Your Gait Matters:

Now that you look handsome, there is another thing you need to care about and that is your gait. The way you interact, socialize, communicate and even walk are the core components of your personality development. Imagine a gentleman sitting in a gathering with his shoes on the table. Funny though but yes in any similar situation you can face great humiliation. You should behave well and in a sophisticated way. Always be kind and gentle. Your voice should be clear and straight. Even the slightest movement of your body creates an affect which is either positive or negative.

5. Confidence:
The last thing which is highly necessary for every gentleman to focus on is his confidence. A shy and weak guy is always ignored. To let everyone catch an eye on you, you should be very confident in your speech and communication. Let the other person know that you are a speaker with strong intellect and a powerful mindset. Your first two statement will either let everyone hear you or will divert everybody’s attention from you. Confidence should be clear from your posture. Always stand straight, chest ahead, shoulders aligned with your back and neck and your eye facing directly to the subject or the person interacting with you. A smile on your face marks the stamp that this guy is a harmless and a thorough gentleman.

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