What Are Everyday Activities That Cause Back Pain?


Back pain is quite a common issue that affects the lives of thousands of people in daily routine and diminishes the quality of life. Sometimes, it happens because of accidents and injuries, while other times, it depends on sitting posture and how you lift or carry the bulky items. These are some significant reasons that affect the everyday activities of many individuals. An orthopedist is a back pain doctor who specializes and is trained in treating musculoskeletal systems, including neck, spine, disc-related pain, and other common back pain complaints.


In this blog post, we will discuss some activities that can cause back pain so you understand better and try to avoid them. Let’s have a quick look:-


Sitting Posture at the Desk

Sitting in one place for long hours in the office causes back pain, which is considered one of the major reasons for triggering pain. Chronic back pain often happens from crouching and slouching at a keyboard or craneing your neck to stare at a computer screen. Invest in a good ergonomic chair and sit in the correct posture to avoid major issues in the future. You can consult back pain specialists woodland park, if you notice any symptoms related to back pain.


Lifting Heavy Items

You must know the right techniques for lifting heavy objects, which is a major reason behind back pain. It is not limited to household items but also consists of lifting weights in the gym and carrying heavy grocery bags. To overcome this, use your back instead of your legs, help you to prevent injuries. It is worth mentioning that always take help from others when lifting heavy items.



Sitting for Prolonged Periods

In today’s busy schedule, many people spend long hours sitting at office desks or in front of the TV. Always remember that spending a prolonged hour in one place weakens the spine’s muscles, leading to severe chronic pains. So take small breaks, stretch your body, and walk for a while. All these will help in alleviating the issue and improve overall back pain.


High Heels and Improper Fitting Shoes

Many people, especially girls, emphasize fashion and appearance. They don’t know they have to bear a large cost for this in the future. Furthermore, high heels and improper-fitting shoes put extra pressure on your back, which creates back pain. To overcome this, always select comfortable, supportive footwear that doesn’t trouble you while walking. You can wear high-heels on special occasions.



Sleeping on an Unsuitable Mattress

The mattress also plays a significant role in the health of back pain, as low-quality fabric mattresses affect your spinal health. Overall, it is a matter of health, so always choose the mattress that adequately supports your spine and suits your comfort preferences.


Carrying Heavy Bags or Backpacks

When you’re up for traveling, you prefer to carry backpacks or heavy handbags – these activities strain your back, leading to back pain. It is better to have two bags instead of fitting all the items in one bag. Moreover, avoid placing unnecessary strain on your spine and use a backpack with padded straps that provide appropriate support.


Wrapping It Up

Back pain occurs not only from accidents or injuries but also from daily routine activities. The best part is that you can heal your pain by incorporating lifestyle changes. Take small gaps during office work, start practicing sitting in the right posture, and use high-quality mattresses. These activities make your life better and reduce the chances of causing back pain. If you’re dealing with severe back pain, it is essential to consult with a back pain specialists.

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