What are some of the Best Hair Care Products?

Hair is a sign of beauty among Indian women. We are majorly known for our dark, long, and luscious hair. Since ancient times, hair care has played an important role in a person’s well-being. Nowadays, Ayurveda has been replaced by modern technology which has chemicals and other ingredients, but the purpose or goal of all hair care products has been to have beautiful, healthy, and long hair.

Here are a few things you should consider before buying any hair care products:

a)     Hair type

Before buying any products for your hair try to consider your hair type. Not all products are for all types of hair. If a product is meant for oily hair then it will not work for dry or frizzy hair.

b)     Hair concerns

Pick products that can address issues related to your hair like hair fall, dandruff, breakage, and frizz. Buy a product that can resolve your hair problems.

c)     Chemical or natural products

Try to stay away from products that contain chemicals like parabens, surfactants, and alcohol as they can strip away all the natural oils from the hair disturbing the pH balance of the scalp making it susceptible to damage. Parabens have been to have cancer-causing properties.

Instead, try to invest in natural hair care products that are made of ingredients like fruit extracts, essential oils, and butter which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Natural products are neither too expensive nor too difficult to find. They can be found in almost all the supermarkets as they pamper and nourish the hair from roots to the tips which makes it soft, silky, and shiny!

Here are some popular hair care products which every Indian can use to care for their mane:

  1.     TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

This TIGI Bedhead shampoo has much moisturizing quality which soothes dry and frizzy hair. It is also infused with Color Care Complex, which is a blend of Keratin, Lipids, and Coconut Oil that makes the hair look nourished and is left feeling more conditioned and soft. It is an incredible product for dry and damaged hair that needs moisture.

  1.     TIGI Copyright Custom Create Color Lustre Oil

You can Illuminate your hair color with Copyright Color Lustre Oil. It is blended with coconut oil that can instantly tame your frizz, nourish hair, and even adds shine. It is suitable for all types of hair.

  1.   TIGI Copyright Custom Care Color Shampoo

You can nourish your hair color with this formulated shampoo & conditioner. It is a sulfate-free cleanser and its creamy formula can help defend against color-induced fade. It is blended with Keratin and Coconut Oil, which helps in keeping the color illuminated and vibrant, and it is even best for color-treated hair.

  1.   TIGI Custom Care Smooth Booster

Now boost your salon smooth finish with a Shield Lipid Complex which is designed to replenish the lipids that get lost from the cuticle because of heat styling. This treatment also seals in the moisture and is infused with a bamboo extract which provides anti-humidity and frizz-fighting benefits. The hair is hydrated becomes 54% smoother.

  1.     TIGI Bed Head Pure Texture Molding Paste

This Bed Head Shampoo has a versatile cream-to-paste fusion for people who want to control texture and separation with a natural finish without any flakes. It is perfect for texture and definition. 

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