What are the Best Places to Order Biryani Online?

Are you looking for a place to order good Biryani Online? Here we have a list of the best biryani outlets where you can simply place your order and get delicious biryani delivered at your doorstep. Out of this list, I have today Behrouz is my personal favorite. The online restaurant serves outstanding biryani and you can save money on your order with Behrouz Biryani Coupon Codes For Today.

Biryani is one of the popular choices of food people order online every day for lunch and dinner. In India Biryani is the heart and soul of food lovers. For all the biryani lovers here we have some great online restaurant options listed for you. The restaurants in our ist have flavourful biryani as well as other great options on their menu. We present you with a review of the best places to order Biryani online.


1.Behrouz Biryani Online Restaurant 

Behrouz Biryani as I said is my favorite place out of all the biryani restaurants in India. On this online restaurant, you will find both veg and non-veg Biryani options. The restaurant cooks Biryani in Dum Pukht style. You can simply register on Behrouz’s website or app and create an account then place your Biryani Order. 

You will find Behrouz Biryani Coupon Codes for new users on your sign up. Also other than that 

There are other Behrouz Biryani Coupons, offers, and discounts. The restaurant serves outstanding biryani along with raita and dessert. The raita and dessert are complimentary with every order.

Also if you are visiting Behrouz Biryani for the first time then other than Biryani you must check the kebabs which are chef special. The kebabs are great and compliment the Biryani well. You will also find desserts that you can enjoy after your fulfilling Biryani Meal.

Behrouz Biryani also takes party orders! If you are hosting a big fat party at your place then you can place your party order at this restaurant. You can use the Behrouz Biryani discount coupon and get a good discount on your food order. Behrouz is the best site to order Biryani in India.


2.Biryani Blues

If you like Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Handi Biryani, and Lucknowi Biryani then you can check the Biryani Blues site. The online Biryani site has almost all kinds of Biryani. The restaurant serves amazing biryani in the earthen pots. On Biryani Blues you can earn a special reward for every order.

Earn up to 20% cashback coins and redeem up to 25% of your bill amount. The restaurant has a special loyalty program and rewards are awarded based on that. Also if you are a new user then you can register on Biryani Blues and get 10 percent off on your order.  Also, there is a special BOGO offer which runs every Tuesday on Biryani Blues online restaurant.

Other than a tempting range of Biryani you will find other great items on Biryani Blues Menu. On Biryani Blues you can also place a bulk order. Contact the restaurant for your party order and grab delicious biryani at a super affordable price.


3.Bikkgane Biryani

Bikkgane Biryani is known as the paradise of Biryani lovers where you will find the best authentic Hyderabadi Biryani online in India. This online restaurant prepares Hyderabadi Biryani using the finest ingredients. Also, other than delicious biryani you can order a vast array of Tikkas, Kebabs and Curries from Bikkgane Biryani.

Bikkgane Biryani is known to serve amazing Combos and Super Saver packs for its users so that you can enjoy tasty dishes and have a good time with family and friends. Bikkgane Biryani biryani is delivering flavourful biryani online every day. The restaurant follows hygiene standards, and the kitchens are sanitized.  

The Biryani site has a great offer running for first-time users where you can get an additional 200 Coins on your first order. avail discount on your next order. 


4.Biryani By Kilo

Biryani By Kilo is famous for its amazing biryani using high-quality fresh ingredients. The Biryani is cooked fresh and then deserved or delivered to your doorstep. All the ingredients are handpicked. On your every order you will get dum cooked fresh biryani every order

The Biryani at this restaurant is individually prepared in the traditional dum style. The flavor is different from other restaurants because it is prepared in layers. To prepare biryani the restaurant uses natural clay pots. They have an interesting and special authentic recipe. The Biryani is slow-cooked to bring out the unique flavor. 

If you are placing your first order on Behrouz then you can get flat Rs. 200 OFF on your 1st Biryani By Kilo order. Sve more on your first order from this restaurant using a special coupon code available on the website.

Also, the restaurant offers Phirni Tohfa as a freebie if you place a food order of above Rs 750. You can find other special offers similar to these on Biryani By Kilo website. Also, there is a loyalty program that you can join and earn cashback on your Biryani order. You can earn up to 20% Cashback in the BBK Loyalty program. This offer is valid on both application and website.

So, this is our list of Biryani places that you can check out to order Biryani online in India. All these restaurants are great and serve scrumptious biryani online. Biryani is an integral part of Indian cuisine and we all love it. If you are craving a good biryani meal right now then you can try the restaurants we have mentioned. You will get fulfilling Biryani to satisfy your foodgasm. 

For all those who enjoy Biryani, these online restaurants are one of the best options that you must not miss. Also, check the special offers available on these sites to save money on your food order. These food sites have amazing offers and discounts that you can grab on Biryani. I hope this review was helpful and you enjoy delicious Biryani from the above-mentioned restaurants.

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