What are the Different Ways to Use Marquee Letters?

Among the number of decor options available in the market for a wedding, some are the most popular ones, like floral decorations. Marquee letters are also in a trend today. These letters can add a sweet vintage flavor to your wedding and also make the wedding space more inviting and cozier. Besides these reasons, another factor that has made these letters popular is their affordable price. Many companies offer alphabet letters on rent TULSA, OK. The rental options are more suitable for people having a low budget. Besides this, you can also use these marquee letters in a number of styles, like modern, rustic, boho, modern, etc.

If you want, you can also use marquee letters to decorate the wedding ceremony centerpiece. Among the number of marquee letters, LOVE marquee lights ideas are the most popular ones. In this article, we will see different kinds of themes available with LOVE marquee letters.

Monogram Marquee Lights

Monogram letters are among the most famous marquee letters. You can use these letters to put your stamp on the place. These marquee alphabet letters are also available in different sizes. You can put these letters anywhere in the wedding venue, like on the dessert table, at the reception area, or on the floor if you have large-sized alphabet letters for rent in TULSA, OK. The large-sized marquee letters are also an excellent choice for the wedding ceremony centerpiece rentals in TULSA, OK. One of the most significant benefits of using large-sized marquee letters in a wedding is bringing a wow factor. Besides this, you can also use them to highlight any space in the wedding venue. Because lights are used in these marquee letters, one can see these from a distance clearly.

LOVE Marquee Letters

LOVE marquee alphabet letters are also prevalent today. The reason for their massive popularity in wedding ceremonies is that they can fit any venue and situation. One of the best ideas to place LOVE alphabet letters for rent is to put them on or hang near your sweetheart table. If the alphabet letters do not have lights, you can add some lights and candles near them.

Let’s see the different types of themes available in LOVE marquee letters:

  • Boho: To give your wedding venue the touch of Boho theme, put the wedding decor elements like string lights, wooden pieces, soft ribbons, etc., along with the LOVE marquee letters.
  • Modern: If you want to give a modern touch to your wedding venue, keep the LOVE alphabet letterslook clean and straightforward. You can also use letters as the focal point of your dance floors or place them in a blank area to add more detail. Besides this, you can also make your wedding ceremony centerpiece look attractive and more impressive.
  • Rustic: You can also use LOVE marquee letters to add a rustic look to your wedding ceremony. Use objects like wooden crates, detailed candle vases and stick holders, chalkboard signs, etc., to add additional details to the LOVE marquee letters.

MR & MRS Marquee Letters


You can use MR & MRS marquee letters to highlight your new status. Like the LOVE marquee letters, MR & MRS letters are also an ideal choice for your sweetheart table. These letters are also available in different sizes. MR & MRS letters are also an excellent choice to decorate wedding ceremony centerpiece rentals or the wall behind the stage.

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