What are the safety measures to be taken while using shackles for your operations?

Often we notice that when we try to move cargo around, then forklifts or pallets are not enough. In this type of situation, when you think of lifting equipment hire shackles are the best option. There are ample benefits when you lift a load with shackles no matter it is a truck or crane. Nevertheless, you must not forget to take some major safety considerations while using shackles for your lifting operations.

Safety tips for using shackles

The shackles are easy and reliable handy solutions for lifting loads without the need of tying them to the object directly or with any wire or rope.

  • You must not start any operation without understanding the basic functioning of the equipment.
  • Any shackle you choose from any brand like Tiger or more, you must check that the rated capacity should be imprinted. See-through the manufacturer’s tables and understand the different working load handling capacities.
  • Shackles have their sizes as per the diameter of the bow and not the pin size. You should not use a shackle if the gap between the eyes is larger than the manufacturer’s tables.
  • The temperature should be checked carefully, above 204 degrees and below -40 degrees, if you make use of shackles in extreme situations.
  • The shackle must be used when either 2 or more ropes are placed over the hook.
  • The pin must be perfectly attached in the shackle eye. You can tighten it by hand or use a compact bar for locking the collar to the shackle’s eye. Ensure that the thread is completely fitted with the body also it should not be too long that tightens the body to disfigure.
  • With the nuts and bolts pins, you have to ensure that there are nut jams on the inner end of the thread and should not be on the eyes of the shackle. The bolt must be free to rotate with the slightest side floating.


While purchasing any shackle, you must not forget the safety measures to be taken for the effective functioning of the lifting operations.  Apart from the above-mentioned points, you should take the guidance and suggestions from a professional expert in lifting operations.

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