What Eligibility And Document are Required To Obtain skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476

What Eligibility And Documents Are required To Obtain Subclass 476 Visa

If you have recently completed an engineering degree from an authorized institution and looking forward to getting employment in Australia then you should apply for Skilled Recognition Graduate Visa Subclass 476. 

  1. 476 visa eligibility Criteria
  • You have to complete an engineering degree from a licensed education provider within the last two years.
  • Applicant’s age must be younger than 31st years at the time of applying for a subclass 476 visa.
  • You must not a holder of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 holder or skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476 in previous time.
  • You need to prove that you must be proficient in at least competent English skills.
  • you wish to satisfy Australian health Requirements to lodge 476 skilled graduate visa in Australia.
  • You have got to pay back all debt to the Australian government if you have got any.
  • You must not have a previous history visa canceled history at the time of applying for the subclass 476 visa Australia.
  • You have to meet the character requirements of the Australian government.
  1. Required Documents For 476 Visa 
  • Provide the legal or original certificate of engineering degree with an Australian visa subclass 476.
  • Submit the letter of completion of an engineering degree by your engineering institute.
  • Provide current passport pages including photo and national identities.
  • Submit your country or any overseas police verification documents.
  • Provide proof of your proficiency in Competent English.
  • Collect and submit all dependents under 18th and dependents over 18th documents at the time of lodging Australian visa subclass 476 application.
  • If you’re in a relationship then give your married certificate and if you have got been married, divorced or window then provide related documents.
  • If you have got lived a minimum of twelve months in Australia within the last ten years then you wish to submit an Australia police certificate as character certificates.
  • Suppose you have got changed your name then give documents associated with modification of name with 476 skilled graduate visa application.

Subclass 476 Processing Time 

The processing time 476 visa is not fixed. The processing time may be delayed if you will not provide the correct documents. Usually,
For 90% of the application is processed within 16 months;

And 75% of the application is processed within 15 months.

I hope I have covered all the required details for a 476 visa. If you keen to apply for this visa then you can contact Immigration Agent Adelaide for more information. We have a professional team of registered MARA agent who will assist you more effectively to get visa subclass 476 or any other visa.


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