What Everyone Must Know About Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale Supplies?

Introduction to cosmetic packaging wholesale supplies

Cosmetic packaging is boxes used to store and sell cosmetics products. These packaging can be made of various materials such as cardboard, paperboard, plastic wraps, and acrylic boxes, etc. but most of the brands prefer cardboard boxes over other types due to their strong nature and durability. Cosmetic cartons are widely used by cosmetic brands to increase the value of their products and are easily available for custom packaging. Packaging mines is a custom packaging brand that offers various types of boxes to be customized for various uses. It also offers cosmetic packaging wholesale supplies custom boxes for cosmetic products of the best quality and affordable rates.

Cardboard boxes are strong as they are made up of 3 layers of card paper, two layers of Kraft paper are pressed together with test liner paper in between them, these layers are placed and pressed together to make cardboard. This cardboard is then folded into multiple layers to form corrugated cardboard, this process is undertaken to further increase cardboard’s resistance to pressure hence making it stronger and suitable for packaging and transport.

These cartons can be customized in different shapes and sizes according to the brand’s preference and the product they want to package. Some of the common types of these cartons are flip top, magnetic flip top, reverse tuck, sleeve slider, die-cut, full overlap, shelf-ready, and gable cartons.

Flip-top cartons

These cartons are widely used to package products by brands. These are easy to assemble, disassemble. These cartons are easy to use, customers can access the product by just flipping its top open with a push upwards. These are strong and keeps the product protected from damage. These can be customized in any shape as in square or rectangular to stand horizontally or vertically and in any size.

Magnetic flip-top cartons

These are similar to flip-top boxes in their nature and purpose. The only difference between these two cartons is that this carton has a magnet on its top which makes the closure of the top easier.

Reverse tuck style packaging

This type of packaging is common in the cosmetic industry. This carton offers a top closure that is tucked from rear to front and the bottom closure is tucked from front to rear giving the product access from both ends. These cartons are strong and durable and can store heavier products. This type of carton can be made in a rectangular or square shape, designed in both horizontal and vertical shapes.

Sleeve slider containers

These containers are also designed to package products. They have a two-part structure, where one part slides out of another like a drawer. These containers are strong than other types of packaging containers as they have two parts and it increases their strength and resistance. These cartons can store heavy products.

Die-cut cartons

These containers are one-piece, self-closing containers that are used for many retail products. They are called die-cut boxes as they are assembled by machinery named die press.

Full overlap containers

These containers are also cardboard containers used to package and sell cosmetic products. These containers are closed by two pieces of cardboard that are attached to the box and overlap on one another therefore giving it a full closure.

Gable cartons

These cartons are also cardboard cartons with a square or rectangular base according to the client’s preference and 4 triangles that assemble to make a closed top. It is called gable cartons as its top resembles the shape of a house with gable tops. These cartons also come with a top handle hence are easier to carry.

Shelf ready containers

These containers are like a tray, two sides of these boxes are slanting and the backside is longer than the front side giving it a nice presentation to keep products in markets on shelves.

All of these containers can be customized in different sizes according to the nature of the product being stored in these containers. Moreover, customizing these cartons according to the accurate size of the product saves the extra cardboard and it can be used to make other cartons, it also saves the transportation cost as now more cartons can be arranged in the same transportation cart.  Along with that these cartons can also be customized to have transparent windows on top that can be made in circular, oval, rectangular, square, or any other shape that the client desires. This window helps customers view the product before using it and it is a way to build a trust bond between customers and the brand, this, in turn, increases sales and builds a respectable image of brands in the market.

The natural colour of these boxes range from dark brown, light brown to yellowish boxes, however, these boxes can be customized and printed and painted upon with appealing colours and graphics. Brands use this feature to print their brand’s name, brand’s logo, brand’s information, and product’s information to increase a brand’s recognition in the market. This is a great marketing tool as brands use colour psychology to attract customers by using complementary colours on the packaging which makes their products stand out from their competitors. This is important as a customer sees the packaging before using the product and a well-packaged product increases its value.

Customers prefer products that are packaged in cardboard containers for the following reasons

  • These cartons are environment friendly as they are made up of recyclable cardboard and can be further reused by brands and households.
  • These cartons can be used in households to store items like clothes, pantry items, and other household supplies.
  • These containers cost less than other packaging supplies hence are ideal for small businesses and brands as it doesn’t put pressure on the production cost.
  • These cartons are easily available and easy to handle.

Wholesale supply

Custom cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale supplies are also available and are ideal for businesses as it offers a large quantity of these containers and the unit price decreases in wholesale supplies. These containers can then be customized by the brands.

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