What happens at Rehabilitation Centers?

Rehabilitation centers; hope for the drug-addicted patients are established around the world to treat the drug and alcohol victims. These centers are specialized to focus on the treatment of such patients with all the best possible medical facilities and doctors. For the severely addicted patients, they offer residential treatment by admitting the patient in the hospital until he gets better to be discharged. They have a proper plan for treatment and post-treatment support and care to get back the patient to normal life.

The environment at the rehabilitation centers is totally different for the patient as compared to his previous condition. He gets a complete cut off from his worries and circumstances and gets indulged into a healthy routine. The process of treatment and the time period of stay at the rehab center is directly related to the condition of the patient. It is also related to the patient’s own will to recover and get back to his normal life.

Koshish clinic

Koshish clinic is the rehabilitation center in Lahore which is specialized to treat drug-addicted patients, alcoholic patients, and persons with psychological issues. There is an expert team of physicians and psychiatrists to focus on the patient’s condition. Koshish clinic is one of the best Rehab center for addiction in Lahore which has all the facilities to provide in-patient treatment as well as out-patient care. It not only offers medical help to the patient but also psychological assistance and other complementary services for successful treatment.

Following are the treatment formalities for the drug-addicted patients at Koshish clinic.

Drug detoxification:

It is actually a comprehensive program of removing the toxic effects of drugs from the body of the patient. When a person continues to take a drug beyond the safe limit and without the need of the body, it starts accumulating in the blood and other organs like the liver and kidneys. Beyond the safer amount, it destroys the organs and deteriorates the normal physical health. Under the strict supervision of medical physicians, medicines are injected in the body of patients at regular intervals to release the toxic amounts of drugs outside. Their response is monitored and further doses are adjusted. This process may take a week for serious patients while some patients may not require the treatment. Koshish clinic has the facility of drug detoxification treatment at the center.


Psychological counseling

It is an essential part of the treatment for all types of patients ranging from mild to severe. Professional psychiatrists assess the condition of the patient in the first meeting and set a schedule with the patient for regular sessions. These sessions encourage him to take care of himself and leave the bad habit of addiction. Behavioral therapy and self-control are the two major things that are considered by psychologists to work. These are also focused on if the patient has severe mental disorders like bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Behavioral therapy

It is obvious to feel the change in the behavior of a person who is involved in drug addiction and alcoholism. It is that his central nervous system is being affected by the drugs. The patient loses control over his actions and behavior as time passes. He ruins his social life completely along with his employment. Psychologists at Koshish clinic make efforts to bring positivity to the patient’s behavior.

  • Self-control

In drug addiction treatment, one of the major tasks of the psychologist is to convince the patient to leave the habit. When the patient himself involves willingly getting back to the normal life, treatment becomes more effective in a short time. When he is able to control his behavior, he refuses the urge of taking the drug again.

Complementary services

These are the additional facilities provided at rehabilitation centers for the speedy recovery of patients. They are not only treated with the medicines but also get trained to live a healthy lifestyle. When the patient is discharged, he is a normal person and even a more disciplined, focused, and healthy person than he was before. Following are the services at Koshish clinic

  • Yoga training
  • Physical exercise training for fitness
  • Massage therapy to relax body muscles
  • Perfect nutritional care

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