What Is a Leather Kilt?

Modern-day kilts have evolved from the classic plaid wool and cloth garments that were worn centuries ago. Today, kilt designers are creating styles out of unique materials that appeal to modern gents. One of the latest styles to come from kilt makers’ workshops is the leather kilt. Read on to learn more about them. Kilt

The Basics

If you’re not familiar with the term, a kilt is a long skirt that is made for men, not women; although women now wear kilts, too. The classic kilt originated in Scotland and was typically made out of plaid fabric called tartan. As times have changed, new types of materials began to be used for kilts and leather kilts were born.

A leather kilt is a men’s kilt that is made out of the material leather. Genuine leather is produced from the hide of an animal, usually a cow; however, lamb, ostrich and goat leather is also available. A vegan leather or PU leather kilt is made out of a plastic material that is designed to look and feel similar to the real thing. These “fake” leather kilts are less expensive and may be preferred by vegans and vegetarians. Today, leather kilts come in a variety of colors. Black and brown are more traditional, but you can also find kilts in red, blue, green and other hues. Scottish Kilts

Styles of Leather Kilts

These come in many different styles. Some are designed to bring to life the look of classic tartan kilts. These designs usually have flat panels in their fronts and pleats along their sides. Most kilts of this type will have buckling strap closures. More modern versions may feature cargo pockets or have edgy embellishments like chains or studs.

Some of these kilts are inspired by biker gear rather than classic kilts. These include chaps-style kilts that are made to wear over trousers or jeans and asymmetrical gladiator-style kilts that are on the short side. Kilts for Sale

Caring for Leather Kilts

This kilt requires some special care to keep it in good condition. Follow these tips to ensure that the one you purchase keeps looking like new for as long as possible:

1. Avoid washing a kilt, as every time you launder it, you remove some of the leather’s natural oils. If the leather gets dirty, try spot cleaning it with a cleaner made especially for genuine leather.

2. To keep the leather supple, apply a wax-free leather moisturizer or lotion to your kilt on a monthly basis. Follow the instructions on the packaging for best results. mens kilts

3. Hang your leather kilt in a cotton garment bag in the closet rather than plastic. Cotton will allow the leather to breathe. Never hang it up without a bag to protect it, as colors from other clothing could rub off on it, and it could become scratched or damaged in the closet.

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