What is Brand Awareness and How to measure it?

. It is one of those terms that are difficult to describe. Brand awareness is described by marketing theorists as the ability to remember a product and have it associated with a logo, tagline, and key values.

With celebrity endorsements and mass marketing campaigns via TV and print ads, we often saw this in the past. It is vital to increase brand awareness. To do so implies measuring it to see what works and what is not for your business. Measuring it can, however, be a little tricky.

How to Measure Brand Awareness:


Most businesses use email or web surveys, typically asking their clients and visitors to the site how they found the company. They may ask a random selection of individuals about the brand in some instances. The first provides you with an understanding of where traffic comes from, while the second provides you with a better sense of popularity.

Web Traffic:

The quickest snapshot of your brand awareness is your website traffic. Pop into Google Analytics and look at important metrics, such as the number of people who searched for you directly, who clicked a link, who came through an ad, and so on.

Search Volume Data:

This is somewhat more advanced. You want to see if people are using tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to search for your brand. To see the volume of searches and patterns over time, check out Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

Use Social Listening Tools:

Here you can check in on organic conversations to see how your brand is tracking across the web. You’ll also get an unfiltered look into your customer’s experiences to overcome some issues you may have with survey response bias. With social listening tools, you can get a look into your brand and see how your competitors are doing.

Effective brand awareness strategies:

  • Get listed in directories
  • Maintain your digital security
  • Consistently blog

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