What is email marketing & automation? | Some benefits

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly since the 1990s. Since 1993, digital marketing services have served us well for brand advertisement. Now, the umbrella of digital marketing services encompasses a myriad of marketing routes, including SEO, SEM, quality link building, affiliate marketing, re-targeting, social media, and email marketing. Of all these amazing marketing tools, we shall be taking email marketing & automation for further discussion. 

What is email marketing?

Typically, email marketing refers to managing an email contact list, product offers for target audiences, and email personalization. Since social media has been very popular these days, it is often considered a better platform for marketing. However, the facts tell the story otherwise. For example, according to an online survey, email marketing proved to be 40 times more successful as a digital marketing platform than Facebook and Twitter combined. Hence, it is still considered a viable tool to interact with the target audience directly. However, amalgamating email marketing and social media via email marketing & automation has also given some significant stats.

Mail servers

Emailing for marketing purposes is much different from personal emails. Certainly, businesses need to send emails in hundreds to thousands to leverage the benefit of the marketing tool. Therefore, you cannot simply go for Gmail or Yahoo. Rather, you would need an email marketing server. The mail servers use a standard protocol to send and receive emails. There are four main types of mail servers mentioned below.

  • Webmail (Web-based email) servers
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)

You can choose either of the servers mentioned above for your business email marketing, depending upon your preferences and business needs. However, a dedicated server for email marketing always proves the best for large-sized businesses. Following are some of the benefits of using dedicated servers. 

  • You can enjoy exclusive root access to all the RAM, CPU or bandwidth. No more worries about the high-volume traffic issues during peak business time.
  • It allows you to scale the server needs according to your business growth. With the dedicated servers the option to add to the storage capacity, and processing is always open. 
  • You won’t be sharing your hosting service as in shared and VPS hosting; you would have better security for the malware and hack. 
  • Lastly, a dedicated email marketing server allows you to serve more clients, so there would be almost no capital cost.

Hence, if you yearn to grow your business to an ultimate goal, you must check the packages for dedicated servers for email marketing by Navicosoft. 

Email marketing & automation 

Once you have realized the potential of email marketing and selected the best suitable email marketing serverit is time to step up your digital marketing game!

Email marketing automation means triggering personalized email messages based on certain customers’ actions with the help of marketing automation tools. This approach helps send the right messages to the right audience at the perfect time via email. In other words, it is all about linking the website analytics with the email marketing platforms to manipulate your target audience for their preferences, previous purchase experience, and general behaviour. Furthermore, email marketing & automation allows you to personalize the customers’ experiences further and enhance relevancy in the campaigns.

Benefits of email automation 

Combining the two amazing tools can either be the best thing, or it may end up in failure. However, studies indicate that linking email marketing with social media such as Twitter ads management helps better reach out to prospective audiences. Here are some of the other benefits of email automation. 

Personalized customer’s experience

Various surveys and analytical studies have indicated that the customers like and prefer to buy from the ads that appear based on their search activity. However, email proves to be the best route for a perfectly personalized experience for customers is email marketing.


Email marketing & automation helps improve productivity. Certainly, when the employees spend the time saved from manually compiling the email lists and scheduling it on other productive tasks such as building customer relationships. 

Customer retention 

Being a business person, one knows that it takes more to convert a new customer than retain an existing one. Hence, with the efficient use of email automation, one can easily track down the customers who need a “we haven’t heard from you lately” email and stay in touch. 


Email marketing & automation is a scalable digital marketing service that automatically integrates the customers into your system when they perform any of the tasks that you are tracking. 

The system sends the customers suitable emails depending upon the stats of the behavioural factors you have been tracking without the need of any additional manpower. 

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