What is ERA testing?

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (in short – ERA) is a genetic test done on a very small specimen of a women’s endometrial lining to determine which day would be the ideal day to transfer the embryo during an IVF circle.

If you are planning an IVF treatment i.e. in-vitro fertilization process, to complete your family, you want to make every attempt to have the best possible outcome. While IVF is recognized to have high success rates, knowing the perfect time to transfer your embryo can be exceptionally helpful. This is usually true if you have had a history of 2 or more unsuccessful embryo transfers. If the embryos you are transplanting are of fine quality (whether they are yours or of donor eggs or embryos), but they haven’t implanted, the ERA test can be worth talking to your doctor about, to see if it is something she should recommend.

What exactly is the ERA test?

In the course of your fertility journey, you may have heard expression such as ‘ERA testing’, ‘ERA Biopsy’, or ‘ERA’, but you may not have known what these letters mean or how it is useful to you. Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) is a genetic test carried out on a very small specimen of a woman’s endometrial lining to find out which day would be the ideal day to transfer the embryo during an IVF course. The specimen taken is also called an ERA biopsy and the whole technique commonly called an ERA test or ERA testing.

Who should think about taking the ERA Test?

Regardless of what anyone says, it is best to discuss with your doctor to ascertain if it’s right for you to take the ERA test. But still, some factors you might want to consider are:

•    Patients who are affected with challenges related to the endometrial-lining (thin endometrial lining)

•    Patients who have had two or more failed embryo transfers

•    Patients who had ineffective transplantation with high-quality Embryos

Normally, any patient who takes an IVF treatment could be recommended an Endometrial-diagnosis preceding receiving her Embryos. But the cost of an ERA test prevents clinicians from recommending this test.

The ERA test has been found to upgrade global pregnancy rates up to 73% in the personalized transfers made. As a well-informed patient, you can actively take part in your fertility care. If you believe that an ERA biopsy might be suitable, talk to your doctor and discuss this. Infertility treatment is always progressing and your doctors are there to work with you to find out what works best for you.

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