What is eye lift surgery?

When slack appears on the eyelids due to ageing, the outer corners of the eyes are lowered, and the eyes look heavy. An eyelift (sub-eyebrow incision) removes excess skin under the eyebrows to improve the sagging of the eyes. In other words, eye lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the skin from the hairline under the eyebrows toward the upper eyelid and corrects the slack in the upper eyelid.




Browlift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the skin from the hairline above the eyebrows toward the forehead and corrects the slack in the upper eyelids along with the eyebrows.


In such cases, consider browlift or eyelift surgery.


If you choose a brow lift, you may be concerned about loose eyebrows.

If you choose eyelift, you are trying to correct only the sagging of the upper eyelids without lifting the eyebrows.


This combined use of blow lift and eyelift surgery is a very good method for correcting slack in the upper eyelid, which tends to be unnatural just by removing the excess skin of the upper eyelid that accompanies open double eyelid surgery



Benefits of Browlift (upper eyebrow skin resection) and eyelift (lower eyebrow skin resection)


The merit of browlift/eyelift surgery is that it was easy to get unnatural when removing a large amount of slack in the upper eyelid at the double eyelid line in incision type double eyelid surgery. If you do it together, you will get a very natural finish. It can also be used for ageing care surgery as eye lifting.


What is the slack removal of the upper eyelid?


Under-eyebrow skin excision (eye lift) removes the loose skin of the upper eyelid along the area below the eyebrows.

The sagging upper eyelids are caused by the skin sagging with age. The slack in the eyelids looks tired, but it also narrows the field of vision and makes it difficult to see the characters.


By thoroughly removing and pulling up excess skin, you will have a natural, beautiful and large eye area. In addition, the eyes are refreshed, and youthfulness can be regained. 


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  • The upper eyelids have become slack
  • The corners of the eyes are coming down
  • Double width has narrowed with ageing
  • The upper eyelids are now covered
  • If you want to rejuvenate your eyes naturally

The eye lift surgery cost, not just incisions below the eyebrows, is cheap. Therefore, some people want to keep costs down as much as possible.

However, choosing a clinic just because it is cheap increases the risk of failure. It is recommended to compare several clinics instead of one and check the clinic’s reputation and the doctor’s skill before making a selection.


It can be even more profitable if you use medical insurance.


The eye lift cost is commonly high, so you have to consider eyelid surgery cost before surgery. If you have private medical insurance, you can cover the expenses (own expense) that cannot be covered by insurance medical treatment (public medical insurance). In addition, many private medical insurances are basically covered by hospitalization benefits and surgery benefits. 


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