What is Google Word Coach? Learn more about it.

As we all know that Google is getting smarter day by day. Its new game Google Word Coach is helping users to expand their English language and vocabulary in a very fun way.

Very few people know about this game. This fun game appears in Google’s search engine. This game is based on vocabulary, which has been created by Google to further strengthen our grip on the English language. People who want to learn the English language. Or looking for some fun games to pass your time. This game is best for them.

Whenever we find the meaning of any word in Google’s search engine, this game appears to us right under Google Dictionary or Google search engine. And a question similar to the word we had searched is asked. Right now, this game has been launched only in those countries. Countries whose mother tongue is not English. But there is a possibility of bringing it to other languages ​​.

How to Open a Word Coach? 

The Google Word Coach game appears in a small box. It then appears in Google’s search engine. When we type “word coach” or “google word coach” on Google. Or, if we search for the meaning of any English word on Google, we see this game.

Or you can play this game directly. You have to press “Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach” on Google’s browser. As soon as you type Google Word Coach, you will see this game right at the top. If you want to play this game in Hindi, write “Google Word Coach,” If you want to play in English, write “Google Word Coach.” Right now, this game can be played only on mobile phones. We cannot play it on a laptop or computer. It is visible to us only on the screen of the mobile phone.

How To Play Google Word Coach Game?

First of all, you have to open your Google browser and type on it “Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach” as soon as you enter, then you will be right at the top of the search result. A card will appear in which a question will be asked.

Another way to play it is that if you are searching for the meaning of a word on Google search, you can also see this game right below it. But you don’t need to see this game under every word. So please type “word coach” or “google word coach” directly on Google’s search engine and start playing.

In each question, you are given two options. You have to choose the right one out of those two options. The questions asked are mostly based on similar words and opposite words. 

When you press the button on the correct answer, you will see a green color mark, and when you give a wrong answer, you will see a red color mark.

‘If everyone does not know the answer to a question, you can leave it. In conclusion, you have to do is select the Skip button on the left side. 

In each round, you are asked five questions, and at the end of these five questions, you get a scorecard. Whatever questions were asked to you just below the scorecard. Their explanation is given.

To go to the next round, you reach the next round by pressing the Next Round button. The questions become a little more difficult in the next level. 

This game has no time limit; you can play as much as you want while sharing your score on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

How to Download Google Word Coach Game

Method 1: Shortcut icon

When you are playing this game on your Google browser, you will see an arrow symbol pointing down on the left side of the game card. When you click on that icon, a shortcut icon will appear on the home screen of your mobile phone. As soon as you select on that icon, you will be taken directly to the game. However, we have also seen that we never see this shortcut icon. So don’t be sad if you don’t see it; open the web browser, and start playing.

Another way is – Google Word Coach App 

You can also download the Google Word Coach game from Google’s Play Store but keep in mind that Google has not made any official app yet. Is | You will find some apps similar to this game on Google’s Playstore, which you can install and play.

Different type of questions are asked in the Word Coach game

Only 3 types of questions have been asked in Google Word Coach. In which we are asked by showing a similar word of any word, opposite word (Opposite Word), or a photo (Image) of what is shown in this photo. Two options are given before us, which we have to click on anyone.

Recently, in the update of 2020, if you are playing this game in Hindi or any language other than English, you may also see some new types of questions. In which you will be asked the translation of any word. For example, “What is the translation of the word hiccups?” And you will be given two options. Out of which, you have to give the correct answer. This is a new feature of this game, and with this new feature, you will enjoy playing this English quiz even more.

Some examples of frequently asked questions in the Word Coach game

  • Which word is equivalent to diminution?
  • Which image is best for the word gleeful?
  • Which word is the reverse of replenishing?
  • Which word is equivalent to conveyance?
  •  Which word is the opposite of recognizable?
  • What is shown in this image?
  • What is the translation of the word picklock?
  • What is the translation of the word Charnwood?
  • What is the translation of the word readable? lefty
  • What is the translation of the word?
  • What is the translation of the word jhaler?

When you have answered all five questions, you are shown your total score. And right next to it is the button for Next Round. By clicking on which you can play the next level. The next level also consists of five questions. By answering which you again reach the next round. For each correct answer, you get marks somewhere between 200 to 300 and the funny thing is that even if your answer is wrong, your score is not forked.

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