What is HTML and It’s Use

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a programming language developed for creating web documents (web pages). HTML  is a very simple computer language. It was developed in the 90s. HTML is the basis of a web page and web pages are the basis of a web design and development course


Hypertext also keeps much other text with it which is opened with the help of Mouse Click, Touch, or KeyPress. This feature separates it from ordinary text. Hypertext is also called Hyperlink.


HyperText Markup Language, HTML tags are used by this to create web documents. Its HTML tags define the text coming in between them, this is called Markup.


HTML is a computer language that uses code words to create web documents, which are called tags. HTML also has its own separate syntax for writing these tags and for this reason it is called a computer language.

HTML is a standard markup language used to design web-pages. If you design a web-page through any programming language such as PHP, ASP.net, JSP, etc., then the most basic thing in it will be HTML.

What I mean to say is that to design any website, you should have knowledge of HTML and it is the most important skill that comes in web development course training because it is the base of a website.

Using HTML and How It Works:

To create any webpage, only two things are needed, the first is a text editor like Notepad, etc. in which HTML code is written. And the second is browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. in which the website is recognized and Internet users are able to see it.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is made up of small code series which are written on Notepad and these codes are called Tags. HTML Tags itself tells the browser that how and where the elements are written inside that tag will be shown in the website?

CSS in HTML: HTML is designed and displayed very well using CSS. A Global Designing Standard is made from CSS. Due to which the same design, color, and style remain in the entire website.

HTML provides many such tags which help to make the website look better with the help of Graphics, Font Size, and Colors. After writing HTML code, it is necessary to write .html in it to save it.

Only then does he see his HTML documents in the browser. And if this is not done, then you have to open the browser again and again to view the documents.

This browser will read the HTML file and show the code written in it to the website in the same way as you want. The web browser does not show HTML tags in the website, but it uses tags to show your documents properly.

Photos, Videos, Sound, Text, Animation, etc. can be used in an HTML page.


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