What is Man and Van Dagenham Service?

Everyone has a different concept about a man and van Dagenham service, and nobody is clear on what this term actually means. Some confuse it with the removals services and use this term the most on the search engines to get a man and van service. The need to clear this confusion calls for an explanation, and this is what we are going to discuss in the article. Don’t worry; you are not the first and only one who is seeking clarity in this case. First, you need to keep this thing in mind that man and van are different from removals service.

Man and van business or service is basically a small service with one man or woman with a single van. They are perfect for small removals services that are local. Removal companies are bit larger and operate with several vans and trucks, whereas the larger national companies consist of a larger fleet of lorries. So when and why you need to use a man with a van instead of a larger removals company?

There are many reasons:

  1. Man and van is cheaper
  2. Short notice availability 
  3. Size of your job

Cheaper than the large removal companies

Large removals services include higher overheads, due to this, their prices are high in comparison to a cheap man van service. The man and van costs include the van, fuel, insurance coverage and the time.

So if you have a tight budget range or not in a mood to spend a lot to get your valuable belongings moved, then a man van service is the right option for you.

Also, there is the best option out there that is a cheaper alternative, and that is obviously doing the move yourself with a rented van. However, the man with van offerings is competitive. So don’t waste your time and effort of doing it yourself. Whilst you select van service you need to drive the van your self which may be extremely demanding in case you’re no longer used to using large vehicles and you have to do all of the onerous physical lifting your self!

When you book a removals service or a skilled man with a van, they may be a good deal possess more expertise and deal bulky, odd pieces of furniture or boxes and move them with out damaging them or the surroundings. They also know a way to efficiently pack a van and get the maximum in it and additionally unload it out quickly on the final destination.

Short notice availability 

For Removal Company, you need to book their service well in advance. However, in case you need an urgent service, you will be lucky to find a man with a van easier instead of the removals service.

Size of your job

Lastly hiring a small man with van carrier makes a wise decision, is the size of the removals job. If you do not need a big removal van to transport your fixtures in your new home, then why hire one man with a van will suffice?

usually, a man with a van will do the following jobs on an everyday basis:

1) small home removals

2) small office removals

3) student moves 

4) small business deliveries

So if you’re seeking out any of those services, then Decent Removals man with a van is what you need.

While deciding on a service company make certain to look for a company that has a published address, a well-designed web page and lots of positive reviews on google or other impartial websites. You also want to select a business that has been around for as a minimum of five years and ensure you ask for proof of required insurances.

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