What is Needed for Vlogging?

Today, there are many platforms around the world to share, host, and record videos, which have been developed to meet the different needs of creators. The names of some popular blogging platforms are as follows.

Top 5 Best Vlogging Platforms

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Videos
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

You can use any of these video-sharing platforms. In these, the name of YouTube comes at the top.

Although it is not so, you can do vlogging only through YouTube channels. Rather, you can also share your video content on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But, YouTube is a world-famous video-sharing platform. And so far, hundreds of creators have gained fame through vlogging videos on YouTube. Therefore, YouTube is the first choice of vloggers. It is better that you also start Vlogging Journey on the YouTube platform.


What is needed for vlogging?

  • On hearing the name of the video, the first thought comes, I do not have a camera, then how can I do vlogging.
  • After the camera, a sound recorder, lights, video editor software, space will be needed to record the video.
  • Such questions start coming up. We believe this question is valid. But, the excuse of lack of things is not going to work now.
  • If you have the willpower to record video then you can do vlogging by recording video.
  • To create a Vlog (ie to start a YouTube channel) you must have a few essentials. Which you should arrange before you start the vlog.


Basic Equipment to Start YouTube Channel

  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Voice Recorder
  • Mic
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • Video Editor Program
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Digital Literacy Skills

  • Camera or Smartphone

How should the camera be? Can a normal camera work? Or will you have to buy an expensive camera? Often, due to this dilemma, many people are not able to start vlogging at all. But, you don’t need a camera to do vlogging.

Yes. You heard it right

You can also record video from your smartphone. There are many YouTubers who record and upload videos mobile-only. If you have a budget for smartphones then your work will go well. And if you have the extra budget then you can go towards DSLR Camera.


  • Voice Recorder

More than the video, your voice determines the quality of the video. Therefore, if you can buy a good sound recorder, then definitely buy it. You can get information about sound recorders from online shopping portals.


  • Mic

If you want to record video from a smartphone then you are going to need an extra mic to transmit sound.

Because due to the distance, your voice does not reach the right and complete. Therefore, a caller mic is a must-have with you. You can also find these mics online. Whose start from ₹ 100.

You can find a mic according to your budget. If YouTubers are to be believed, BOYA Mics have proved to be the best for this job. You can buy these mics from Amazon.


  • Tripod

To crack your camera or smartphone, you need this tripod tool. It is made just for this purpose. Therefore, you must buy a cheap and durable tripod. Their starting price online starts from ₹ 200. Buy a tripod according to your budget.


  • Lights

This tool is optional and depends on your budget. If you have the budget then you can buy lights. Otherwise, there is no problem in recording video even without lights.

These lights are also available in different ranges. You can learn youtube marketing course or more about them by going online.


  • Video Editing Program

Video Editing Program is a must and you must have a video editing tool. Which will bring life to your video. So, don’t shy away from freezing your pockets for this tool.

There are many free and cracked tools that are available on the internet. However, we do not recommend such programs. You are going to start a business. Therefore, a little investment will have to be made.

This tool acts as a foundation. If your foundation remains weak, then the fear of falling will always remain. Now it is your choice, would you like to live in the shadow of fear or fearlessness?

We would advise you that you can buy any video editor tool available for the smartphone which is very cheap. But, make this investment only if you are comfortable working on a small screen.

If you have more budget then you should buy desktop software only. Which will cost you a little more than the mobile version. With the advice and information of YouTubers, we have found out that the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor program is being well-liked for this work.

  • Internet Connectivity

You have recorded the video. To reach them on the Internet, the Internet will be needed. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a high-speed internet connection. Without it, your work will stop.

This is no longer a serious problem. Which internet are you using on your smartphone? That one is suitable for you. Therefore, always keep the internet data plan active on the mobile phone. So that as soon as the video is recorded, it can be uploaded for decades.

Anyway, after the arrival of Jio, 4G data is available only in India, the cheapest in the world. So here you will not have to spend much.

  • Digital Literacy Skill

You have set up YouTube Studio (Vlogging Studio). But, if you do not know how to operate a computer, then all these things are useless.

Therefore, to be successful in Vlogging, along with video making skills, you must have basic computer knowledge, basic knowledge of searching and downloading information from the internet, and video editing.

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For this work, you can read our Computer Tutorials. By which you learn computer fundamentals in easy language sitting at home.

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