What is SAP BW on HANA?


SAP BW refers to – Business Warehouse, powered by HANA additionally known as BW on HANA (BWOH) is SAP’s statistics modeling, warehousing, and reporting tool built at the HANA database. SAP BW on HANA (BWOH) runs at the HANA database and therefore it’s far simpler and faster. Please notice this is SAP BW strolling on a HANA database, this isn’t always BW/4 HANA, that is a part of the evolution of BW that is completely optimized and tailored to SAP HANA. The BW/4hana code can handily run on SAP HANA as it is interwoven with SAP HANA engines and libraries.

While successfully applied, SAP HANA conveys wonderful results and performance, analytic intelligence, integration abilities, facts processing, and improved ROI’s of the SAP panorama with rapid time-to-fee. We have a brilliant blog on this known as the ABAP developer road map to SAP HANA, it’s by far sincerely well worth a read specially in case you are a developer. SAP BW on HANA Training Institute in Noida is a career-oriented course which has lots of opportunities. Let’s know the importance of SAP BW.

Importance of SAP BW

Whilst you run sap enterprise warehouse (BW) on HANA, data is stored in a statistics warehouse (DW). SAP BW combines DW competencies like information integration and modeling with HANA’s in-reminiscence processing to increase pace and records modeling abilities. Complexity is decreased because ameliorations and DSOS are actually in the HANA environment.

This lets in for faster processing, advanced facts load overall performance, optimized query processing, and extra reporting functions. This next-technology device integrates with different sap and third-celebration solutions and additionally permits you to method unstructured, geospatial, and Hadoop-based totally information. Plus, the brand new UI is more intuitive.

Components of SAP BW

SAP HANA is accountable to perform key obligations related to data warehousing turning in tremendous overall performance at the same time as acting analytical reporting.

  1. Data Store Layer– This sediment is just like the information acquisition layer in SAP BW. The open ODS layer is used to integrate statistics into the records warehouse and presents the same functionality as the conventional information acquisition layer, but with extra bendy facts integration opportunities.
  2. Core Data Warehouse Layer– This deposit layer is responsible to perform functions like facts transformation, data cleansing and consolidation.
  3. Virtual Data Mart Layer– This sediment is responsible to mix the information from different layers and to make it to be had for reporting functions. This residue incorporates all the info-providers that combine records using be part of or union, without saving the result: multi-provider, composite issuer, and so on. You can use this to get right of entry to information without delay in the SAP HANA database, to allow queries on composite provider, open ODS view.

Composite company allows you to merge the statistics from BW info-providers with HANA modeling views. Union and joins are achieved in SAP HANA and queries may be run on composite carriers, like BW info providers.

Benefits of SAP BW on HANA

  1. Exceptional overall performance in analytical reporting and records loading the use of HANA in reminiscence database abilities. All BW functions carried out in SAP HANA benefits from in-reminiscence database and calculation engines for faster records processing.
  2. With HANA optimized gadgets, you can carry out complex queries, designated evaluation, high information volume, and aggregations efficaciously.
  3. All current BI gear which includes BEX, commercial enterprise items bi reporting gear, and Microsoft excel are directly supported by way of SAP BW on HANA.

Importance of Acquiring SAP Certification

SAP certification allows people to live updated and relevant with the aid of manner of becoming expert inside the modern-day sap technology and answers. Certification offers personal and business enterprise recognition, and helps profession improvement from talent to mastery. SAP international certification is also verifiable.

SAP certification is important in many businesses as it permits each branch to communicate with every one-of-a-kind results easily. Departments along with income, inventory, finance, production and human resources can get entry to data from unique departments and communicate the desires of their branch effectively.


As mentioned above, SAP BW has lots of benefits and students also seems to be interested in it as it is one-of-a-kind courses and offers a lot to any organization. Well, gradually there’s a rise in SAP BW on HANA Training Institute in Delhi as it’s highly in demand amongst the students. Interested candidates must know about this right from scratch.

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