What is SAP EAM Mobile Solutions? How Can It Be Helpful in Terms of Asset Management?

SAP has come up with optimised solutions for Enterprise Asset Management. The long, tedious and labour-intensive process of EAM has now been transformed into an ‘easy to use’ and extremely efficient mobile application. The days wherein manual EAM produced data that was inaccurate and hard to maintain are now over. Mobile devices are now replacing spreadsheets and paperwork orders and here’s why you should join in on the action:


The SAP EAM app is available on both android and iOS. This gives industries a seamless experience when it comes to cross-device functionality. Data can be recorded and accessed from any device at any location. There is also added offline functionality meaning that an active internet connection is not always required for management of data.

Asset Enhancement

Appropriate EAM strategies and a comprehensive plan can help accelerate the revenue generated by your assets while also prolonging their life and reliability. Low labour productivity and large equipment downtimes are the biggest consequence of badly executed EAM. Using a mobile solution will ensure that downtimes are reduced significantly. Overhead costs can be eliminated while ensuring that labour optimisation is taken care of. When assets are managed correctly, capital spending can be turned into operational investments. Your existing budget is worth way more than you can imagine!

What Will Change?

Adopting SAP EAM mobile solutions will completely transform your existing EAM protocol. Work order management, inventory handling and measurement readings are integrated with geographic information systems to help streamline the entire process. Context rich visualisations makes analysis very quick and understandable. The SAP cloud platform also helps minimise IT and maintenance costs. Using biometric sensors on mobile devices along with their GPS sensors, security and location information is reliable and centralised. SAP also understands that for its solution to be practically viable, it must have offline functionality. The app is completely functional when devices are offline. Users also have the option to sync with the back end at regular intervals whenever an internet connection is available.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Set Up

Some industry owners feel like migrating to a digitised platform is too much work. SAP EAM mobile solutions are delivered in a SaaS format that is easy to install and configure. Integration with your existing IT model is also a simple and seamless process. SAP EAM is a one-time solution that can cut your EAM costs in half.

SAP is a reputed name in the industry and is well-known for its holistic service and support plans. No customer is left behind and any queries or issues are addressed at the earliest. They also have the option for custom application development and expert consultancy services to ensure that the solution provided to you will fit your company perfectly. They also provide optimal support to ensure that your SAP solutions are running at peak performance right from the time of purchase. With a functional self-service portal and remote technology support arrangements in place, transforming your business has now become an achievable reality!

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