What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage, a massaging technique dating back several years, is often referred to as Al Reem Spa. In order to treat physical, mental, and psychological issues, it is assumed that the Japanese invented this type of massage. It is very similar to Chinese acupressure, except by applying pressure using all parts of the hands, it requires the use of the fingertips to penetrate the body’s fascia instead of needles.

This traditional style is done over the clothes, unlike other types of massage, so there is no need to undress the customer. To control the person’s body, the massage therapist uses his or her hands, fingers, and thumbs. Prior to actually starting the session, targeted locations are used based on a conversation with the client. Massage Center Deira,

In this way, in order to promote healing and rehabilitation, the healing process is guided to areas of trouble. The masseuse applies a whole-body approach to the session, in addition to accessing particular pressure points. This includes stretching the body and turning it. The person who gets the message is also told to breathe at various intervals in certain ways. During the session, pressing and rubbing should also be involved so that energy blockages are cleared and energy returns are optimally flowing.

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