What is Speeding— Major Causes, Penalties & Statistics.

Speeding is considered a situation when motorcycle riders or even car drivers exceed a mentioned speed limit. Speeding is a contributing factor in traffic casualties, resulting in both deaths and injuries across the country. This article will cover what a Lake Charles car accident attorney has to say about the causes of speeding, why speeding should be avoided, and how to avoid speeding.

5 Main Causes of Speeding 

Speeding or aggressive driving has several causes and reasons. Some of the core reasons have been listed below;

Being distracted by music or eating and drinking

You might have seen mainly the truck drivers who have to drive for long hours carrying essential goods both within the State and beyond the State borders, often tune up their radio or start eating snacks to cut down their boredom. These actions distract you, and you might get caught on the wrong foot. 

Driving with tiredness and low concentration

Suppose you have been driving continuously at a stretch. You will feel dizzy, and your concentration is sure to hit bottom. 

Excessive alcohol consumption

It is always advisable never to drink and drive or never to drive after you have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. 

The need to cover a distance to meet a specific deadline

Speeding also occurs when drivers need to cover a distance to meet a deadline. These circumstances generally arise when you are late for work or deliver products at a specific location. 

Getting anxious when driving in traffic 

Traffic congestion is one of the most common reasons that contribute to the cause of aggressive driving, like overspeeding. Drivers are for sure to respond to the aggressive driving behavior of other drivers— changing lanes frequently or showing anger to those they believe are trying to hinder their progress.

Pollution causing poor visibility, fog, or reduced visibility, as a result of humidity

Speeding can cause accidents due to the inexperience of the drivers, which could cause severe injury or death to other drivers on the road. Speeding is also a contributing factor for fatal or injury accidents caused by weather conditions and bad weather like fog or reduced visibility.

Why should you avoid speeding?

Only speeding has accounted for 9478 deaths alone in the year 2019. Of which 47% has resulted in fatal crashes – the sole reason being the drivers were not wearing seat belts. 

It has been reported and noticed that young teenagers, especially men, in the age bracket of 15 to 20 years of age are victims of aggressive driving, resulting in fatal crashes.

Here are few reasons mentioned by the Lake Charles car accident attorney as to why speeding should be avoided at all costs; 

Speeding while driving is a serious and dangerous offense, with the legal penalties for speeding varying for different reasons. These offenses carry a maximum penalty of up to 6 months imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Criminal penalties are given when the legal requirements for the offense are not met, e.g., not getting insurance, operating without a permit, speeding, failure to wear a seat belt, overloading.

Offenses can be civil, e.g., disqualified from driving, or criminal, including being found guilty of causing death by careless driving.

Let us have a look at some crucial statistics; 

About 26% of all the traffic casualties involved, at least one driver was speeding.

Teens are more likely to speed than older and experienced drivers.

Every five mph over 60 mph costs you an extra $0.24 per gallon of gas.

The deaths caused by motor vehicles in 2020 have been estimated to be the highest in the last 13 years.

At Lake Charles, attorneys carefully assess all cases and take appropriate action to bring a solution to help tackle speeding in Louisiana. The Lake Charles car accident attorney will support the enforcement of speeding and road safety laws and encourage speed awareness activities and education initiatives. 

Before concluding, a word of caution;

The faster a vehicle is moving, the harder it is to stop. At the same time, the stopping distance and time depend on the driver’s perception and reaction time on one hand while the vehicle’s reaction time and braking capability on the other.

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