What is the list of resources required for Shopify Theme Development?

Running your own Shopify store and looking for great Shopify themes? Well, there are always new & useful things to learn that will help with your everyday theme development. But not knowing where to start?

In this blog we will discuss the list of resources required for Shopify Theme Development:

Online theme development courses

Before jumping into Theme development you need to understand Shopify’s core features, frameworks, and front-end development tools. With the help of the below online courses will take you from newbie to expert in a few hours.

Learn Theme Development with the Shopify Partners Academy 

Working with Shopify Themes

The structure of a Shopify theme, explain when each template gives you a pre-launch checklist, and discuss tools that can help with your Shopify development workflow.

An Overview of Liquid:


Your Shopify theme toolkit

Open-source tools are helpful to speed up & streamline your Shopify theme development. The following resource link will show you the simple steps for setting up a local Shopify Theme Development.

3 Simple Steps for Setting Up a Local Shopify Theme Development Environment

Designing for Shopify

The following resource will help you to design home pages, product pages, & cart templates with a free CSV file to get your development Shopify store up & running.

Build an Eye-Catching Non-Rectangular Header Design

Liquid template and language

The liquid is the bridge between a store’s data and its theme templates. From in-depth looks at individual templates to discussions on how you can leverage the power of alternate template and layout files, your theme building to the next level.

An Overview of Liquid:

Liquid Cheat Sheet

Shopify Theme images

There are several ways to customize images in Shopify. In short, you to crop and resize.

How to Manipulate Images with


Generally, snippets are used to elaborate on the DRY principle in your themes. Want to know more about snippet go through the following resource.

Tips for Using Snippets in Your Shopify Theme

Link lists, menus, and navigation

Menus provide you a lot more than you think. Learn how to extract maximum from the great “link-list” given below:

The Power of Link Lists


Shopify Theme Sections

Shopify theme sections let you empower merchants by offering them great flexibility for customizing online store. It allows you to add or move content on their homepage with just a few clicks

Introducing Sections for Shopify Themes

CSS in Shopify Themes

CSS hooks to your templates and help you make your theme building more effective & powerful.

Creating Useful CSS Hooks in Liquid

Shopify Themes and JavaScript

First, Shopify themes do not require JavaScript where you can add functions the will delight your customers.

Using JavaScript To Super Power Your Client’s Shopify Site


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