What is Web Design? Can it be learned without knowing English?

First of all, you have to understand well what is web design?

A dry design or map is made before a website is created on the Internet. And the website is made on the basis of that design, this process is called web design. Creating the design or layout of a website in short words is called web design.


What do you have to learn in web design?

And learning web design requires learning some graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Because the design, logo, and pictures of the website are made on this software. Coding and designing are very important in a web website. That is why you can make a good future in the field of web design.

  • In web designing, along with this software, some web languages ​​​​of the web also have to be learned. Such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  • They are used to convert your created design into a live website. The structure of the website is prepared from HTML.
  • CSS website is styled i.e. decorated. JavaScript is used to control the behavior of various things.
  • And Bootstrap is built by combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and has made web design much simpler.
  • The work that used to take more time to do HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can do the same work very quickly and easily in Bootstrap.


And another option for creating a website in web designing is CMS. Its full form is Content Management System. And 30-35% of all the websites in the world are built on a very popular CMS named WordPress.

There are many other CMS in the internet market like Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, etc. If you have a little knowledge about web design then it is very easy to work on them. Most people like to work in CMS because you can manage such websites very easily and well.


Now the question is, can web design be learned without English?

Simple answer: If not much then a little should come.

So far, all the software and web languages ​​I have told about, all their commands and codes are in English. So you should not speak English properly but understand and write English. If you have difficulty in writing and understanding, then you will have a lot of difficulties in learning. I will not say impossible, because if you want and if you are determined, then you can do anything.

And if you start learning web design, then you will also know how to speak and write English better. Because while working in English, you will continue to practice.


Which Institute offers good web design courses?

Most of the big web and graphic design institute in Delhi explain and teach things in English, and the students who are hot in English are talked overhead. Do not understand anything and money are wasted in vain. And those institutes which people do not know, their purpose is only to make money from the students. Both these types of coaching centers take full money at the time of admission. Later on, they have no meaning, whether you understand or not.


Stay away from Fraud Institute

Nowadays there is a huge fraud going on in the world of training institutes which is to finish the course soon. Many say we will learn web design completely in 2 months. When you go to learn, how will you know whether you are being taught fully or not? We give you the answer:

It takes at least 6 months to learn diploma course in graphic design and Web Design well. Institutes that get done quickly will teach you the basic things which you can easily learn on the internet nowadays. And nowadays students are also more inclined to do early courses. Later, again they get worried about the job, they do not get any job.

And those who say that there is no benefit in learning web design, later you do not get a job, believe me, you have also been a victim of such a fraud institute.


Job options in web design

In which field you can go or work after learning web design course.

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Web Template or Layout Artist
  • Web Animator
  • Search Engine Consultant
  • web marketing


What is the salary of a web designer?

After all, how much salary does a web designer get in a month? A Fresher web designer gets a baton of 15000-20000 in a month. The salary of a more experienced web designer ranges from 30000-60000.

Conclusion – I hope that now you understand what is web design and what is its scope? What do you have to learn in a web design course? Can you learn web design without knowing English? Everything would have been answered.

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