What is WordPress and how does it work

If you are associated with blogging or have the shock of earning online, then somewhere you must have heard the name of WordPress. In such a situation, if you want to know what WordPress is and why most people use it, then you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to clear all the concepts related to WordPress through this post.

WordPress is considered the best option for a blogger. People use WordPress to create blogs and websites.

If we talk about before the arrival of WordPress, then people used to get scared on hearing about making a website. Because at that time one had to learn coding language to make a website and learning this language is not so easy.

If the developer is hired, then a developer had to pay a huge amount. In this, people had to spend lakhs on a website.

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Improving this situation, mark Mullenweg created WordPress on 23 July 2003. With the advent of WordPress, the number of websites on the Internet increased rapidly.

The main reason for this is that it is very easy to create a WordPress website and you can create a professional website on a very less budget.

If we talk about today, then more than 40% of the websites on the Internet are built on WordPress. The main reason for this is that WordPress is very easy to use and does not require any programming language.

What is wordpress

WordPress is a Content Management System ie CMS which is used to create a website. This is an open-source program made from PHP and MySQL programming languages.

You can consider WordPress as a website-making software, with the help of which any kind of website can be developed with great ease.

WordPress provides a user interface to the user so that it is very easy to create and handle a professional-looking website without coding and programming knowledge.

It is very easy to create a website on WordPress, there are many types of themes and plugins available, with the help of which one can create a website in 1 minute by drag and drop, customizing or designing the website accordingly.

Apart from WordPress, any other CMS is available on the market. Although in today’s time the popularity of WordPress is high and 40% of the people on the market like to use it only.

If you want to make a blog or website then this is a good option for you. Because WordPress is such cms that provide both free and paid way to create a website.

However, the features are very less available for free as compared to paid.

How wordpress work

If we talk about it earlier, then coding was needed to make any kind of website. Due to which the developer was needed and the developer had to design every part of the website. Which used to take a lot of time.

But since the CMS has come, the developer got some relief. Because the convenience of cms would be that the made thing is available here, which only has to be customized.

WordPress is also a very good cms that are used to create websites. Now you must be wondering how WordPress works, how to create a website here.

To create a website in WordPress, these two things are required first.

Domain: This is the address ie the URL of the website. Which can be accessed by visiting the website.

Web hosting: This is a server where all the data of the website is stored.

WordPress has to be installed on the server itself and after that, it provides a CMS dashboard. So that the website can be customized or designed.

There are any kind of themes and plugins available in WordPress which help in giving a good and professional look to the website.

Theme: Theme means you can assume the design of the website. WordPress provides some kind of theme on the theme section, using which you can easily change the website design.

Plugin: Plugin means adding extra features to the website. Suppose you need a contact form on your site and for this, you can add it using the contact form plugin.

Apart from this, there are some types of features like customization, widget areas that make the designing of the website even easier.

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