What is WordPress and how to make a website on WordPress?

In today’s time, more than half of the websites and blogging sites are all built on WordPress. The best thing is that any B can make his website here and that B without having knowledge of Coding and Tech. That is, the non-tech banda B here can make his own website within a few hours.

WordPress is an open-source platform on the Internet where people use it to create their website. It was launched on 27 May 2003, it is mainly built using PHP and MYSQL. This is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) to date. You can also join any institute to learn about advanced WordPress techniques. For this, you must learn basic WordPress training. To make a WordPress site by yourself.

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org??

Here WordPress.org is an open-source platform, it can be used by anyone for free, you have to buy your own domain and hosting, and then you can deal with it. Yeh, your website has controlled you completely. Hey, as you have your own theme, plugin, widget, that’s why it is called self-hosted WordPress B.

wordpress.com is a hosting platform i.e. Godaddy, like Sitegroud, is created by WordPress. Due to having the same name, people remain a little confused.

To get hosting here, you will have to pay some money every month according to the plan as you give in GoDaddy and give to the rest of the hosting providers in the same way. They give free hosting and give limitation in many things for free, due to which there is little problem in the free future.

What can you make on WordPress

If you are thinking that you can make a website of your own, then see what you can make using WordPress.

  • Personal website
  • Personal Blog
  • News website
  • Static website
  • School/college websites
  • e-commerce websites
  • Forum
  • Question Ans website
  • online course website
  • business website

Features of WordPress

If I talk about the features of WordPress, first of all, it is an Open Source Platform as well as it gives a great Content Management System such as

Plugins: Talking about Plugins, here you will get a lot of Plugins just for your needs. And more than half you will get the free key, there will be few plugins which you will get paid plugin. As soon as you log in to your WordPress, you can see all the features by clicking on the plugin.

Themes: Talking about themes, here you will get a lot of themes, which you can install and use for free and you will get some paid themes. You can give a very good look to your website by putting a theme.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The simple website of WordPress is already optimized because of its theme and plugin and if you want to do better then you will get a plugin that will help you to do SEO.

User Management: You get the best advice, User Management means that if you want to make your website, you can add someone else, which helps you a lot in developing your website.

Media Management: Here you get the facility of Media Management if you want any media file like Image, video, songs status. If you upload then you get a gallery there where you can easily control all the things.

Community: In today’s time, a lot of websites are running and if they have any problem, then there is a community group for all of them where you can get the solution of your problem immediately.

How to make a website on WordPress

Before knowing how to make a website on WordPress, let’s know how to make a website. In earlier times, people used to go to programmers to build a website and they used to give it and if there is a problem in today’s date, then the student can make it sitting at home.

You just need to have some basic skills of computer and WordPress, so that you could edit the website according to you, for this you need to join a WordPress course. You can join any institute also or any online classes. 

In WordPress, first, you have to go and log in, then you will have to enter the theme according to you and here everything like the post, pages, article, plugin are already there, just you have to do customization according to your own and your website will be ready.

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