What should you know about Microsoft Outlook 2019?

Microsoft Outlook is considered to be the personal information manager as not only mails but the calendar, task management, contact management, web browsing, and many more can be managed using this platform. You can use it for document sharing, working with colleagues, sending reminders, and so on by collaborating with SharePoint. Microsoft Outlook can be used as a separate application or within the Microsoft Office suite. 

Microsoft Outlook 2019 is the latest version of Outlook with many updated features to reduce your efforts and make its usage easier.

Why do people prefer Microsoft Outlook over Gmail?

There are several reasons for people who prefer Outlook over Gmail. Some of the reasons for this preference are mentioned below:

  • Mail tips: When you compose a mail, a pop-up will appear displaying that the mail will be sent to a large distribution list. It is advantageous as it works as a warning if you were not intended to send your email to the entire distribution list. 
  • Ignore conversations: If you want to ignore a conversation, you can do it with just a simple click. The existing conversation will be moved to the deleted items folder, hence, cleaning the mess from Inbox and letting you focus on important tasks.
  • Organize email your way: You can arrange your emails according to your requirements. If you want you can sort your emails in alphabetical order or you can also view them in bins. Microsoft Outlook facilitates you to organize your emails as per your need. 
  • Rich contact information: The contact card in Outlook provides ample information about a user. Not only this, the Presence indicator provides the status of a user like whether he/she is online, offline, or busy. It will help you to find out whether it’s the right time to contact that person.
  • Scheduling meeting rooms: Using Microsoft Outlook, you can schedule meeting rooms, projectors, and other such resources. All you have to do is just add them as a resource for your meeting. These resources will work as the attendees like auto-responding to a meeting invite.
  • Multiple ways to find an email: You can search for your emails in multiple ways. Normally everyone uses a search bar to do so but sometimes you don’t know what to look for. In this case, if you have sorted your emails by date and size, specified the time frame of your emails, or reached the places to look, then, searching the desired email would be easy. Microsoft Outlook offers varied options to trace what you are looking for, even if it’s a folder, category, or any other thing.
  • Rules to minimize email clutter: The organizing of emails lets you move the required ones into the folders and arrange them according to their categories. Due to this, it becomes much easier to remove unwanted clutter.
  • Sharing and delegating calendars: Using Microsoft Outlook, while scheduling a meeting, you can decide whose free or busy status to share including the subject of the meeting. The delegated calendar can easily be managed along with the calendar in a side-by-side view by administrative assistants.
  • Flags, changing the importance of email: The flagged emails grab the quick attention of the users to focus on them first. If you are composing an email and want the recipient’s priority attention, then, mark it with a red exclamation mark. 
  • Categorize email items to stay organized: Microsoft Outlook provides you the ability to categorize a variety of items like messages, calendar meetings, tasks, and so on. For visual attention, you can even categorize in color-code.
  • Integration across email, calendar, and contacts: Outlook not only helps you to manage your emails but also helps to schedule meetings, get more information related to a contact, attend online meetings, and many more.

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