What To Do When You See QuickBooks Error The File Exists?

You can encounter or view QuickBooks Error The File Exists on your screen while executing different operations in QuickBooks. These operations can be paying scheduled liabilities, downloading payroll updates or even opening a federal or a state form. The error message on your screen can read,” The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read-only file.” This blog will cover the measures that you should perform to resolve this error.

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Reasons For QuickBooks The File Exists Error

A number of reasons can cause this error on your screen. Hence, to effectively fix this error, you should first understand the reasons behind this error. To do that, read the causes stated below:

  • Inactive internet connection.
  • Significant errors in QuickBooks installation.
  • Outdated or old QuickBooks application.
  • Wrong Firewall and internet security settings.

Now that you’ve understood the causes, it’s easier for you to find and implement a solution that works. All the solutions are discussed in the next section.

Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Windows Error The File Exists

A number of practical solutions can fix this error. However, it’s essential to understand that you don’t need every solution to fix this error. You only need to implement those measures that can fix the reason for your error. To do that, go through the actions given below.

Method 1: Re-Register .DLL And .OCX Using Reboots. Bat File

Re-registering .DLL and .OCX can resolve a number of errors and issues. This error is no exception, and you should follow the steps stated below:

  • Exit QuickBooks.
  • Right-click on the QB icon and choose Properties.
  • Now, select Open File Location. Find the reboot.bat file in the folder.
  • Right-click the Reboot.bat file. Now, choose Run As Administrator.
  • A black colour command prompt window should appear that scrolls all the QuickBooks files.
  • Now, when the window quits automatically, you can restart Windows. Lastly, check if the error persists.

If these actions have failed to fix your error, you can try the following solution stated below.

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Method 2: Check For Any QuickBooks Updates

Updating QuickBooks is a great way to fix this error quickly. Sometimes simple solutions go a long way in fixing an error. Now, go through the measures given below:

  • Open QuickBooks and in the Help tab, click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the Update Now tab and choose Get Updates.
  • When the updates are downloaded, restart QuickBooks. Now, click on Install Now in the QuickBooks Update Service window.
  • When the updates are done, perform the same action again to see if the error is resolved.


QuickBooks Error The File Exists can get effectively resolved with the measures that are performed in this blog. Make sure to consistently execute the steps as per the reason for the error. If you keep these things in your head, you can fix this error in no time.
Make sure always to get connected with the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391 when you wish to fix this error professionally.

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