What to know about Laser Scar Removal in Dubai?

Scars that often occur after any infliction or trauma can be subsided by certain treatments or they may even fade off on their own such as the acne scars. However those that are acquired due to any massive skin destruction or autoimmune disease normally do not fade away on their own and a strict medical treatment is required immediately. You never know the scars which are present on your skin can be associated with any underlying disease that often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed. Laser treatment in Dubai is now one of the safest, most successful methods for scars. It requires just one to two sessions for its complete success.  

What are the Types of Commonly Occurring Scars?

Scars are mostly categorized as: 

Discolored or Irregular surface scars:

Wound healing is often associated with the formation of scars as a primary intention of healing.  

These scars can normally appear as red and thickened in the initial stages of healing and can then progress to the complete resorption. In certain cases these scars do not disappear completely and may look like an elevated prominent irregular surface.


Keloids are considered as the most commonly occurring scars in the skin of any part of the body. The appearance of keloids looks like a fibrous growth that occurs as a result of increased collagen production during the phase of wound healing. 

They look reddish bumps especially in case of any injury previously. For some patients it can be painful and itchy while some don’t feel any sensations associated with the keloids at all. 


Contractures are a kind of scar that normally occurs after any severe skin affliction and destruction such as burns,  road traffic accidents etc. 

The major problem with contractures is that it causes a very restricted movement and the skin feels like it is being overstretched or pulled due to the presence of overgrowth of the abnormal skin.

Some of the common sites where contractures can occur include the fingers, other areas below the elbows and the Knees. 

Hyper-trophic Scars:

The red raised and extremely painful bumps you often see or experience are basically the hypertrophic scars. There is one thing good about hypertrophic scars is that they do not extend beyond the presence of the wound. They have the tendency to thicken overtime and become more and more prominent. The hypertrophic scars can best be treated by Laser Scar Removal in Dubai

What are the Treatment Options for Scars?

  •  Surgical removal of the scars
  • Application of topical steroids
  •  Skin care treatments such as micro-dermabrasion
  •  Electrocautery
  •  fat melting injections
  •  chemical peels 
  •  laser therapies

What is a Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Dubai?

A laser treatment is a therapy through which a laser light emitting device is brushed all over the surface of any skill in order to remove the scar, clear the pigmentation and improve the overall skin condition.

Laser scar removal in Dubai is considered as the best method for the complete cessation of scars.  The reason why is because it is completely noninvasive, does not distort the skin and also has the most successful outcomes in the past few years.

A lot of the clinics are now offering laser therapies because of its instant results, less downtime and less recovery periods. 

How Does it Work?

The laser beam of light when used for the removal of scar tissue instantly creates a certain holes in them. This totally depends on the kind of laser device used. The goal of the laser treatment is actually to stimulate and induce the production of new collagen so that the skin in the target area starts to have all the new cellular growth instantly. 

This smooth-ens the skin and eventually lightens up the presence of the scar either pigmented or hypertrophic.

Laser treatment is preferred over the other treatments because it is least invasive and it does not have a very long procedure time. It is done in the outpatient department and does not cause the elongated stays in the hospital unlike other treatments. 

How to Prepare Yourself for a Laser Treatment?

Mental Preparation:

A lot of the candidates are often scared of laser therapies and treatments considering them as a painful system. Little do you know that laser treatment is completely painless and does not cause any kind of pressure on the candidate. Therefore prepare yourself mentally that it is not going to cause you any harm instead it will clear off the problem you are getting it done for. 

Physical Preparation: 

Some of the common physical preparations prior to a laser treatment include: 

  •  Avoid exposing yourself to the sun
  •  abstain from smoking and drinking
  •  do not take any blood thinners before your treatment
  •  Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals at the treatment site before and even after the treatment.

Procedure of Laser Treatment:

Different clinics and hospitals carry out different procedures for the Laser Scar Removal in Dubai. However the normally and medically accepted treatment procedure includes the following steps: 

  • History taking and examination
  • Identification of the type of the scar
  • Brushing the layer on the target area
  • post treatment observation

What can be the Risks Associated with Laser Treatment?

There are no as associated potential risks related to laser treatment however some patients can report with the following: 

  •  Mild to moderate allergic reaction
  •  Redness and inflamed area after the treatment
  •  Discomfort and tingling sensation

Cost of laser treatment in Dubai:

Laser treatments are quite expensive worldwide. This is because of the advanced technology and the use of specialized and skillful professionals in order to perform the procedure. 

However there are some clinics and hospitals that do offer laser scar removal in Dubai at affordable prices. 

On average the starting price of laser treatments in Dubai is about 400 AED

What are the Other Methods for Scar Removal?

You can go back to the initial part of this article if you want to know about the other methods for scar treatment.

The method totally depends upon the choice of the candidate.  However, it is sure that surgical removal is considered as the next best treatment after laser treatment because of its success and less chances of relapse.

Nonetheless, surgical removal of scars is invasive and can cause a very extensive recovery period and is most of the time not suitable for candidates with co-morbidities. 

As far as the other methods for scar removal is concerned, the corticosteroids were the most successful treatments running conventionally.  They are still in use and some people have gained some advantage from it but still they are not as compatible as laser treatment in Dubai. 

The Final Verdict:

If you are also sick and tired of that unpleasant scar on your skin then head towards the Dynamic Clinic and book your appointment for Laser Scar Removal in Dubai.  It is one of the top renowned clinics in UAE and have catered to thousands of patients with the laser treatment especially for the cessation of scars. The clinic offers a FREE consultation after booking an appointment! 


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