What to Know After Being Arrested for Assault and Battery

No one likes to think of themself as a criminal. You’re not violent, not normally at least. A mistake can happen in an instant, and all of a sudden you’ve done something you regret.  Maybe you were drunk or under the influence of drugs, or got into a heated argument with an ex and acted out of character, or perhaps you were defending yourself. To the court system, it doesn’t matter why it happened, all that matters to them is that you are facing some serious charges. Now, you have a lot of questions to bring to criminal attorneys in Covington.

This is serious!

Judges and prosecutors take an assault and battery charge very seriously, and you should too. If you’re facing criminal charges, it is recommended you start your legal defense with criminal attorneys in Covington as soon as possible. Just because you think you have a good excuse for why it happened doesn’t mean your case will break your way if you blow this whole thing off.

This will have a big impact on your family time.

Depending on exactly who the victim of your accused assault and battery charge was, you may find yourself in family court before your criminal court case even begins. A violent act can affect your relationship with your partner and custody agreement with an ex. Even if you are charged with a violent felony that has nothing to do with a child, you may find yourself back in family court when your ex-partner finds out.

You’re looking at years in prison, and then more consequences when you get out.

When someone is arrested for assault and battery, the defendant is looking at the possibility of losing several rights and privileges. This includes the right to vote, the right to possess a gun, the privilege of obtaining a school loan, the inability to pass background checks for a job, and several other significant civil rights. You’re even looking at years in prison! If you spend time in prison, you’ll have a difficult time adjusting back into society afterwards. Even if you end up with fines and probation, you could lose your job when they find out and be forced to leave your home. Many apartment complexes don’t rent to felons.

You need a lawyer.

Pleading guilty means a felony on your record and accepting all of the consequences mentioned above. This is something far too important to leave in the hands of an overworked public defender. Instead, hire a criminal defense attorney in Covington who will work hard on your case. This type of dedicated attorney can help you prepare a defense against any type of violent crime charge. They need to be aggressive with the prosecution, but, flexible, available, and approachable to you.

A public defender will advise you to plead guilty because they don’t have the time to handle your case any other way. Bring in an experience, tough lawyer to fight for you and your future!

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