What to look for while hiring a gold loan provider

There may come a time or situation when you are out of money. You need money for several purposes, then the best way to get is by applying for a gold loan. A gold loan is a secured loan. A gold loan is taken against jewelry and ornaments by the borrowers. We need finance to meet with future contingencies. A gold loan is a short-term loan taken by the people to bear expenses. You can use the gold loan amount to meetfuture contingencies, health expenses, to buy a new car, home, child education, travel, child marriage, and expansion of the business.

The gold loan has remained one of the most popular borrowing options in times of immediate need of finance. A gold loan is perfect for using the funds to meet financial needs because of its lower rate of interest.A gold loan is easily approved as lenders do not consider credit score and income proof of the borrower as it is secured. The best gold loan provider in Ghaziabad looks after the needs of customers and provides them the best and reliable services. They make sure that their customers are satisfied with them. Here, we will see what things to consider while hiring a gold loan provider:

  • Interest: The first thing to be kept in mind by the customers while applying for a gold loan is the interest rate. An interest rate is charged differently by different institutions, banks, and lenders. The factors consider or used by the banks and lenders are loan amount, tenure period, LTV ratio for determining the interest rate. Borrowers should compare the interest rates offered by various lenders. Banks usually charge a lesser interest rate as compare to NBFC’s. They should pledge gold to the institution giving them a better interest rate. Borrowers can avail of an affordable rate of interest to pay back the gold loan amount.
  • Loan amount: A gold loan amount depends on the valuation, purity, and quality of gold or ornaments, coins you deposit. Customers don’t get the full amount of the gold pledged with the banks. You get the amount up to 75%, and few banks are also offering 90% of the gold collateral. A gold loan amount is determined according to the market value.
  • Charges: A processing fee is charged because of the expenses bear by lenders when processing a client’s loan application. A processing fee ranges between zero and 2%. Some lenders don’t charge it. Borrowers should make sure to check the processing fee before finalizing their gold loan application, while a prepayment fee is charged when customers pay the amount before the tenure period. It saves a lot of interest costs for the borrowers. Customers should choose the lender charging no or fewer fees.
  • Loan tenure: A gold loan tenure range from 7 days to 3 years. Customers can repay the amount in EMIs, paying the interest amount at the beginning and principal amount at the end. Customers can choose any repayment option that suits their requirements.

People can get the maximum benefits and quick services while applying for a gold loan in Ghaziabad.


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