What Type of Mobile Apps Will Tech Investors Fund in 2022?

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the world’s growing dependency on cell phones, propelling the rapid rise of mobile applications.


In 2022, mobile app development will be significantly bigger and faster. This will be due to new technologies such as 5G and edge computing, as well as a shift in public perception of apps in general. Indeed, we are entering a period in which our society is more reliant on mobile devices and, by extension, mobile applications.

As a result of global lockdowns, mobile app development trends are focusing on mobile-first, contactless, and connected android app development services. Here are some of the types of mobile apps that tech investors will fund in 2022. 

Predictive Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analysis is a type of smartphone software that analyzes massive volumes of data to anticipate future events. Machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and data mining methodologies are used to make the forecast.

Apple and Facebook, for example, have already implemented AI-based predictive analytics to optimize customer journeys across the user experience and user interface. 

As a result, every company tries to be the best in its sector, and predictive analytics tools are expected to be in high demand. In recent years, the amount of data, computing power, and storage have all increased. 

mHealth Industry Has Made Its Way

Prior to the nationwide pandemic, people used to book in-person appointments with the doctor, but the massive global epidemic inclined us towards going online which was followed by social isolation and a shortage of medical personnel. As a result,  mHealth apps gained immersive popularity, attracting investors’ attention.

Incorporating disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain into mHealth apps would completely transform the health-tech industry. Going to the doctor for minor ailments or routine health checks will be over.

As a result, the mHealth app investment trends in 2022 are likely to see investors gravitate toward mobile app development solutions that create cost-effective healthcare apps that can be made available to the public in real-time. 

ERP Powered By Big Data

Investors find it irresistible when it comes to Big Data apps combined with infrastructure apps to help startups and companies develop. Slack, Intercom, and Skype for Business, for example.

The coronavirus epidemic has also drawn our attention to the flaws in these systems. As a result, these systems will aim to improve their capabilities and deliver better solutions to businesses this year.

So, here is your chance to attract investors, hire mobile app developers, and connect with a mobile app development company that can aid enterprises in their growth.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets have carved out a niche for themselves in the realm of mobile apps. And the coronavirus pandemic has added fuel to the flames!

With the phrase “contactless” becoming the new normal, it’s not surprising that investors will fund contactless mobile apps in 2021.

One of the safest ways to carry money is through digital wallets. Previously, big cities were mainly embracing digital payments as a “hipster” trend. The COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, has made it a requirement even for tiny towns and villages. As a result, if you create a digital wallet with superior features to the competition, you’ll be ready to attract investors in no time! All you have to do now is contact a leading software development company in India to get your digital wallet app created.

Real Estate Apps Powered By AR, VR, or Blockchain

People have always been attracted to the real estate industry. Whenever there is an economic downturn, the real estate sector is the hardest hit. As a result, tech investors are more willing to invest in real estate-related apps (discover more about real estate technology trends).

Real estate is a business that appeals to nearly everyone and is ripe for technological breakthroughs. To attract investors in 2021, you should try your technology assistance in real estate.


EduTech Industries

EduTech is one of the industries in India that IT investors have poured money into. Between January and July 2020, venture capital investments more than tripled, from $310 million to $998 million. Investors in app development have also focused on less regulated areas such as test preparation and tuition. As a result of the pandemic lockdown, the demand for mobile app development services has increased in the educational sector. Many well-known firms, such as Vedantu, Unacademy, and byju’s, control a significant amount of the investment in this space, and many more are on the rise.

Final Thoughts

There is a vast range of options available, from 5G to Chatbots. Finally, investors seek mobile app solutions or an Andriod App Development Company that can help bring technology to domains and countries where it has previously been unavailable. 

To help you refine your ideas and ensure that they will last in the long run, opting for a mobile app development company that understands it all is a must. DianApps assists clients in obtaining finance for their app startup based on their business idea and completed applications.

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