What’s the best way to study class 9 science CBSE? A Detailed Overview Of The Chapters

A warm welcome to all the students in our blog sections and today we would be discussing the key areas that you need to study for scoring good marks. There are fifteen chapters in total and through this article you can get an understanding of the key areas that need to be emphasised upon. Our solutions have been articulated by experts and we are sure you can get a transparent idea about each and every chapter.

  1. Matter in our surroundings- Chapter-1

In this particular chapter you will have to study physical properties of matter along with characteristics of particles of matter and states of matter. In states of matter, you can learn about solids, liquids and gases. You can learn about the change from one state to another state of melting and freezing and of course about evaporation and effects of pressure and temperature. You can get solutions from evaporation and factors affecting the rate of evaporation.

  1. Is matter around us pure? Chapter-2

Here through our solution you will get some brief idea about pure substances along with mixtures, solutions, colloids and suspensions. You will get to learn about the varied types of mixture like heterogeneous along with homogeneous mixture. The chapter explains the major differences between compounds along with mixture and the methods used to carry out the process of separation.

  1. Atoms & Molecules- Chapter-3

From this section you need to study varied concepts relating to atoms along with molecules and ions. You also have to study the symbols and formula of an atom. Do not forget to study the different types of laws involved in chemical combinations. 

  1. Structure Of Atom- Chapter-4

The chapter describes how electrons along with protons and neutrons were discovered and assimilated together to cater to the specific structure of the atom. You need to study the JJ Thompson model and its drawbacks and also study Rutherford’s and Bohr’s model as questions are expected from these sections. The NCERT solutions for class 9 Science are designed in such a manner that students will never find any difficulty to solve problems. 

  1. The fundamental unit of life- Chapter-5

This is one such section that can fetch you good marks and comparatively a very easy section. The expert teachers in Biology will articulate a stepwise amplification to explain major conceptions like eukaryotic cells along with prokaryotic cells. You will also get to know a detailed breakdown of the Golgi apparatus and chromosomes along with the nucleus.

  1. Tissues- Chapter-6

The section is interesting and very logical and deals with varied types of tissues and the exact functionality. These are the key topics in this particular chapter. You can go through them and get a detail about the solutions.

  1. Diversity in a living organism- Chapter-7

Biodiversity is the key topic in this chapter. This chapter is mainly about classification and also about the evolution of varied species that exist in the world.

  1. Motion- Chapter-8

The chapter states the definition of motion and describes varied terms directly related to it. It directly explains the mathematical expression of varied terms related to motion.

  1. Force & Laws of Motion- Chapter-9

Here you need to study what is force and what exactly causes an object to move from a solitary place to that of another. You will also get to learn the various laws of motion and all these topics consults of solution from us.

  1. Gravitation- Chapter-10

The topic is about gravitation and the universal law of gravitation. It describes the varied forces acting on a particular object as it gets immersed in a liquid.

  1. Work & Energy – Chapter-11

Here you will get a definition of work and varied laws relating to work and energy. Our solution will narrate you in detail about the key areas that are to be studied. Different forms of kinetic energy and potential energy in this section can fetch you good marks. Law of conservation of energy and rate of executing work are a few areas that fetch important questions and we have elaborated the areas which make your study simple.

  1. Sound- Chapter-12

In this chapter the explanation of reproduction along with propagation of sound and its reflection and varied other terms related to it. The chapter will cover the operational activity of the human ear and purposely about the ways with which you can compute the depth and knowledge of sea by making use of SONAR techniques.

  1. Why do we fall ill- chapter-13

A detailed elaboration of what a healthy situation is and what and how we fall ill are elaborated. Our solutions will help you to get an understanding of chronic & acute diseases and ways to overcome them with ease.


  1. Natural resources- Chapter-14

Earth is the only planet in the universe in which there is the existence of life. There will be a discussion about water along with soil. The chapter also focuses on pollution and the ways to prevent possible hazards.

  1. Improvement In Food Resource- Chapter-15

Through this part you can learn about animal breeding and make use of fertilizers and ways of protecting crops from hazards. You can go ahead and learn answers on crop improvements and protection. 

Through this solution, you can surely get answers to all key questions. We wish the students all the best and hope you will come up with flying colours.

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