What’s the Difference Between Cat A and Cat B Fit Out?

A Cat A fit out produces a completely functional but empty area. From personalized features to branded finishes – all the way down to the flowers at the reception – Cat B build-outs adapt the space to the occupant.

A fit out is the development of space with the goal of aligning its functionality with the needs of those who use it: it ensures that space does what its occupants – or owners – require. Different types of fit outs correspond to different stages in the construction of a building, with shell and core coming before even the most basic Cat A fit out and Cat B fit outs resulting in a fully realized workplace. The most commonly discussed types of fit out are Cat A and Cat B, but there are two other categories with important distinctions of their own: shell and core and Cat A+.

The basic finishing of an interior area is referred to as a Cat A fit-out. This type of fit-out is typically commissioned by landlords and includes the installation of a building’s mechanical and electrical utilities. Internal finishing walls, reception spaces, and lift lobbies are all included in a Cat A project, but that’s it. A Category A room will be completely vacant except for the most essential functional elements, making it easier to sell to occupiers who want to design their own place. Cat A spaces are the blank canvas of the design and construction world, with raised metal floors, painted perimeter walls, and a grid ceiling with fitted lighting.

Cat A fit outs include things like:

• Lighting

• Air conditioning

• Toilets

• Raised access flooring

• Grid ceilings

• Basic fire detection systems

Cat B fit-out builds on Cat A fit-out and molds interior spaces, encompassing everything from the construction of distinct rooms to the selection of wall art. Floorplans are created, finishes are selected, and branding is infused throughout the area, giving clients a unique end result. Cat B is a completed work of art, but Cat A is a blank canvas. The potential to bring an occupant’s business to life is provided by these fit-outs. Cat B projects are ideal for clients who want a space that is tailored to their people and their specific needs, as these spaces are the result of a close collaboration with a fit-out partner to identify and understand the company’s culture and future plans.

Cat B fit-outs include things like:

• Partitions and doors

• Floor finishes

• Specialist lighting and facilities

• Cafés, tea points, and kitchen areas

• Furniture

• Branded material and décor

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