When accompanied, attaining parenthood becomes comforting!

The journey to parenthood is not the same in all couples. It can be different and surprising in several. In some, it may require fertility treatments  to have a baby. The process can seem downright overwhelming at times for some couples. 


In such challenging times, who can understand you better than someone else who is on their fertility journey, just like you? You may come across them – in your friends circle, within your family, at your work place, in social media groups or at your fertility centre. As per research, couples who seek support of other couples during their infertility journey have higher success rates. The best way for couples undergoing IVF is  to approach such known couples, opening up to them, discussing their struggles, encouraging and supporting each other, motivating each other, ensuring and comforting each other that they are not alone in the fertility journey. And when miracles finally happen, share that immense joy and relief with them.


At GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, we encourage those who have begun their journey towards parenthood to seek support whenever needed. Keep in mind that you are certainly not alone on this journey. Your near and dear ones will be there to support you. There are also thousands of other couples who are facing the same challenges and choices. The fertility community has abundant opportunities to connect with others, both in-person and online, with former and current fertility patients, and with fertility specialists who can give clarity regarding treatment, moral support and much needed motivation to keep moving forward.


When accompanied, attaining parenthood becomes comforting!


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