When is the best time to buy jewelry

Low season June to July: generally speaking, buy gold must avoid the peak marriage, because this period many new people will buy gold, resulting in less than the demand, which will lead to the gold price rise, so it is generally in June to July time gold price is the cheapest.


the seasonal rule of gold price fluctuation

For a long time, the seasonality of commodity prices is one of the commonly used indicators in futures markets. As a commodity and financial dual properties of the gold market, there are also seasonal rules to follow. Throughout the history of gold trading, the trend of gold price changes over the years is also very seasonal. From the historical trend of gold in each month, it can be seen that the gold price generally falls from February to April, begins to rise in May, and the price remains volatile in June and July. Prices rebounded sharply in August and September, and the rally continued through the end of the year.


October is the peak season for gold consumption, and seasonal consumption is an important force driving up gold prices. India, the world’s largest gold consumer, accounts for a third of the world’s gold demand.


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