When should you replace your windows?

DIY beginners don’t always know how to go about installing and repairing doors, windows and shutters. Here are our tips to help you do it at the right time. You can also contact a wood window Blinds to help you! What is window replacement?

Why replace its windows?

It is of course not necessary to regularly force a change of window. However, as soon as one identifies a malfunction of the opening mechanism or degradation of the wood, it may be wise to carry out some exterior carpentry work.

It would be a shame to wait until winter to realize that the cold air is passing through and that the heat losses are important! In addition to being a real discomfort, it is also the source of excessive energy consumption. The stress on the heating system then causes an unnecessary expenditure of money. The same goes for sound insulation: noise from outside can quickly become a real nuisance. Also, your home may be old. In this case, it was therefore probably designed with single glazing, only weakly retaining heat inside the walls. Again, heat loss can be a problem. The same goes for condensation and water infiltration on the windows and around an old frame: humidity leads to the development of mould and damage inside your home.

In addition, the visual appearance of your facade is all the more dated, which is not necessarily pleasant to look at. Finally, it may be that you have already been the victim of a break-in through one of your exterior openings: be aware that there are certain solutions for reinforcing windows by shielding. Proceed with r remodelling your windows with sound and heat insulation work presents itself as the ideal solution to rejuvenate your facade while improving the insulation of your home. You can also take the opportunity to improve the security of your home.

What are the different types of windows?

There is a real variety of windows for your home. And, be it only through the composition of materials: roller window, Made to measure blinds, wood window blinds, aluminium windows, wooden windows, PVC windows … But the different types are also declined in their opening system, their visual style and position within the house.

We can for example cite the following models:

Made to measure Blinds: very common in UK, it simply opens inwards with its two leaves.

Vertical window Blinds: it opens on a limited vertical axis upwards and inwards. Safe, because it is difficult to get inside through it.

Wood window blinds : this mixes styles, since it can open like a bellows window, but also on a vertical axis with its single leaf. Velux: roof windows, generally small. They were invented by the company of the same name.

Roller window: a real space-saving with this opening system which allows the glazed part to enter directly into the wall when opening!

Guillotine: as its name suggests, its opening mechanism resembles that of the machine, well known under the French Revolution. It opens upwards and closes downwards.

Tilting: a system that opens at the top inwards and at the bottom outwards. Relatively easy to maintain.

Conservatory blinds : a model which, quite simply, does not open. Some manufacturers also offer models that combine several types of opening.

It is also possible to opt for a custom window , the price of which depends on the composition materials and dimensions, but also on the nature of the glazing. In terms of glazing, a distinction is made between single glazing, double glazing and triple glazing . The latter of course has the best insulating capacity. He is particularly involved in the design of houses with a bioclimatic vocation. But double glazing , which is more accessible, also improves the energy performance and thermal comfort of your home. You can also consult our advice on repairing the glass on your front door .

How to choose your windows?

It is of course worth looking at the price of the windows. If you have opted for insulating windows , their installation will cost you a little more. An obligation if you want to benefit from better thermal insulation! You can, however, benefit from a certain number of state aids to which we will come back later in this article. Our partner AMC can help you choose the right garage door or window.

What are the standards for window replacement?

The Impress appear on models sold in UK. They represent guarantees of quality. In addition, it is important to check whether they have certification . The latter, at the initiative of the manufacturer, certifies the quality of the insulating glazing according to their use, over a period of at least 10 years.

What material do I need to replace windows?

Here’s what you need to get your work done:

  • Crowbar
  • Chisel and / or chisel
  • Metal saw
  • Putty
  • Mass
  • Pincers
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver and / or screwdriver
  • Measureing tape
  • Pegs
  • Trowel
  • Wedges
  • Clamps
  • Plumb-line
  • Spirit level
  • Cutter
  • Pencil

What are the steps to replace windows?

First step: take measurements

Using a tape measure, take the dimensions of your window. This involves raising the height and width of the frame from the outside of the rebates. Measure the distance from the bottom of the bottom rail to your floor. Note the thickness of the frame.

2. Second step: dismantling the old opening

Remove the old sash. If necessary, use a crowbar. Also remove any protruding element such as hinge, Cremona bolt or curtain rod hook.

Step 3: installation of the frame


Place the new sleeper over the old one. If it does not fit, adjust the old one by removing, for example, its interior rebate with a wood chisel. Place shims so that the position of the new frame is adjusted to the inside of the wall. Adjust the position of the frame with the adjusting screws.


4. Last step: installation of the new opening


Place the new opening on its frame, making sure that no malfunction hinders its opening and closing. Remove the wedges and screw on the frame. Install the covers of the new frame.

Who can replace windows?

Contact a Impress Blinds to replace your windows

On our DIY site , all employees are true enthusiasts. For your change of window and your installation of exterior carpentry , you should not hesitate to call on one of them: he will be happy to do your small jobs!

Is replacing your windows eligible for a tax credit?

An exterior carpentry installation as part of thermal insulation work can give you a certain amount of state aid. The energy premium, reduced rate VAT or ANAH aid for energy renovation will allow you to save on your expenses. But to take advantage of it, you must first declare the intervention of your jobber impress blinds . Nothing could be simpler for a declaration in the rules: you can use the Universal Service Employment Check (CESU) in order to remunerate it. For more information, see the CESU Terms of Use .

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