When working with materials such as flammable chemical products

Many factors need to be considered when selecting the appropriate pump for chemical applications. When using corrosive or flammable chemical products, special attention should be paid to ensure that the selected product is appropriate.

Define fluid properties

Safety data sheets (SDS) and chemical products manufacturers or chemical distributors can provide the information required, such as fluid name, concentration, fluid temperature, specific gravity and viscosity at pumping temperature. If there is a solid, determine its concentration, size and hardness, and whether the material is corrosive, combustible or combustible.

Describe the application

The more detailed the description is, the better. Make sure that:

What containers are chemical products stored in? Are they drums or handbags, large capacity tanks, rail cars or tankers?

Where will the liquid be moved? For example, from drums to barrels, from train cars to mass storage, or simply circulating in the same container.

Is the liquid under the pump? In this case, a pump is required, either self-priming or one that can be submerged in the liquid.

What is the flow required? The flow is required to calculate the friction loss of the piping system.

What is the total head required? The total head is based on the piping system and the use (with flow) to help select a pump.

What is npsha available? It is the pump available suction head, which is provided by the piping system. In order to avoid cavitation (damage to pump components), npsha must exceed the required NPSH (NPSHr).

How long does the pump work every day or every week? This is important in assessing energy costs. For example, if a pump works for several hours a day, a pump driven by an electric motor can have a fairly low operating cost compared to an air driven pump.

Is it indoor or outdoor? What is the maximum and minimum ambient temperature? This is important for the correct selection of the building materials for the pumps and motors.

What is the height? High altitude reduces the available lift if it is a self start application to reduce npsha and reduce cooling motor fans.

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