Where Can You Get BTMS 25 and Other Conditioner Ingredients?

Ever wanted to make your own conditioners and lotions at home but not sure how to get started? These products require a large number of different ingredients in order to come together properly, so knowing where to get them is the first step toward becoming a DIYer.

BTMS 25 is one of those ingredients you will want to have on hand if you want to craft your own luscious conditioners at home, alongside other important ingredients such as shea butter, mineral oil, coconut oil, and Panthenol.

What is BTMS 25 Exactly?
Whenever you are talking about creating a product like a powerful conditioner or moisturizing lotion, you need a proper emulsifier. These substances are necessary to help certain liquids merge well and play nice with each other. Emulsifiers are often necessary in order to get those specific silky feeling that we love when it comes to such products.

BTMS 25 is an all-natural emulsifier created from the colza nut, which is used effectively in a wide variety of products, including conditioners. Using these kinds of ingredients is important because, in the past, many kinds of artificial emulsifiers and surfactants have caused skin irritation and simply aren’t good for the environment.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is a cationic emulsifier that is first and foremost safe to use. Being plant-based as it is, you can feel good about using it because it’s not only great for skin and hair but the environment as well. This is the kind of substance you want to use as a softening and detangling agent in your formulas, to get great emulsifying effects without having to rely on artificial chemicals or anything abrasive.

What’s great about BTMS 25 as well, is that it is relatively easy to use in homemade formulas. You can use it to carefully adjust the emulsifying qualities and texture of a certain formula, whether you are crafting a hair conditioner or other kinds of hair care products, or even a helpful body lotion or similar item.

The Best Place to Find Ingredients Such as BTMS 25
When you are first starting out with creating your own products at home, it might be difficult trying to figure out where to actually get your ingredients. While some substances such as mango butter are relatively easy to find in stores, you’re going to have problems trying to locate many kinds of other ingredients, such as high-quality fragrances or emulsifiers.

You don’t need to go too far to find all of the ingredients you need, however. You can find Behentrimonium Methosulfate as well as a wide selection of other high-quality ingredients over at MakeYourOwn.buzz.

Whether you are a seasoned professional when it comes to DIY conditioner and other personal care products, or if you are just starting out, your first order of business is finding a reliable outlet from which to get all of your ingredients from. Even the most simple recipes usually require a half dozen ingredients or more, which means you will likely have quite a few different products that you need to work with at any given time. Being able to get them all in one place is a huge time and money saver.

MakeYourOwn.buzz is the go-to location online to find literally any high-quality surfactant, conditioning agent, colorant, plant oil, or other substance required in order to make soaps, shampoos, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, or anything else you might want. Their online store has the best selection of quality ingredients around, all at amazing prices. Rather than shop around for the products you need in your DIY endeavors, all you need to do is shop at MakeYourOwn.buzz.

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