Where to Find the Best Men’s Western Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have easily become the most universal, versatile, and reliable boot worn in the United States. Their multitudes of uses and all-purpose style are of interest to many different people, no matter why or for what they are worn for.


Normally, when you think of cowboy boots, you think of the stereotypical cowboy riding their horse with a lasso around his huge belt buckle. In some cases, this might be true, but other men wear cowboy boots simply because they like the style of them Some men require a good cowboy boot to ensure their safety and performance at work.

Nonetheless, the need and want for good quality men’s western cowboy boots is flourishing. So the market for the best western cowboy boots is competitive. To help you narrow it down, here’s a list of the best men’s cowboy boots, why they’re a good choice, and where to find them.

Top 5 Men’s Western Cowboy Boots

  1. Ariat

Ariat boots for men are another great staple cowboy boot. This was the first cowboy boot company to implement the same technology used on athletic shoes to their boots.

  • Four Layer Rebound – This unique technology is used for a boot that will be worn for long and hard days. The rebound aspect of this boot works with the biology of your foot, having the energy of each step go outward and upward.
  • Advanced Torque Stability – This type of technology within the boot remains more supportive through each step you take and depending on how you move in these boots, the torque will adapt with your movements.
  1. Double H

These boots can be described in three simple words; dependable, durable, and tough. That’s what you need in a good cowboy or work boot.

  • Double H boots feature great quality leather, attractive designs, and unique features such as Texon insole with a cork inlay to provide flexibility, and carbon fiber split shank.
  1. Durango

Durango cowboy boots are well known for their durability, style, and comfortability. Among some amazing styles and colors comes the functionality that many men seek in a western boot. Depending on your specific needs when looking for the perfect cowboy boot, Durango has many options and special features that will fit any man’s needs.

  • Waterproof – Some of their boots have a waterproofing membrane, to protect from the simple nuisance of rain to working in wet and muddy fields.
  • Safety Toe – Depending on where you are working, some of the work sites can be quite hazardous and can have dangerous equipment or circumstances, so it’s best to stay safe and protect yourself as much as possible.
  • Dual Density Outsoles – Some of Durango’s boot models have a specially made sole, allowing for a tougher yet more comfortable boot. This offers more comfortable wear but the durability of a hardcore boot.
  1. Dan Post

With the Hurricane series boots, these are another great men’s western cowboy boots.

  • These boots are designed with performance and comfort in mind. Featuring full-grain waterproof leather upper, dual-density flexible midsole, provides comfortable and breathable wear with an open cell orthotic.
  • These boot series come in multiple attractive designs and colors, so any one of these high-quality boots could be for you.
  1. Corral

For the similar western men out there looking for a basic cowboy boot, try out the ones from Corral.

  • Made with a Goodyear welt construction, you can have confidence that this boot will be durable and last through anything. With a specific cattleman heel, this shoe is probably more geared toward men working in the cattle industry.

Where to Find

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